Fan/Radiator Removal

This is a very easy job believe it or not. Took me about an hour and a half and that included me stopping to eat breakfast.

This is also the first part of removing your A/C condenser.

Start off by first removing the negative battery cable.

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Next to have easier access to everything remove your grille.

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Next drain the radiator.

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Next step is to remove the upper radiator hose.

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Once the upper radiator hose is removed you can remove the two bolts holding the fan onto the radiator.

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Now with the bolts and overflow hose removed the fan unit should lift straight out with ease.

Now the next step to remove the radiator is to remove the lower hose and auto trans cooler lines if you have an auto.
Once the lines are removed be sure to cap off the transmission lines so you dont lose any fluid or get dirt/particles in the hoses. If you happen to lose fluid replace it after everything has been reinstalled.

Now unbolt the radiator brackets and the radiator should come straight out.

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With the radiator out be sure to clean the fins and straighten any out and remove debris.

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