Fog Lights 05+ Corolla


1) Remove splash shields from under bumper area (optional).
2) Remove black inserts from bumper. Push the two clips together and push forward.
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3) Take fog lights out of box and inspect everything you have.
You should have 2 lamps, 1 switch, 1 relay and 2 wire harnesses.
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4) Lay everything out and put it together to understand the kit, what plugs
in where.

5) The kit is semi-self explanatory as far as the plug-ins to the lamps.

6) From the relay you should have three loose wires, 1 with a fuse on it Red
(+) and the other Black (-). Also from the harness you should have a
long lead wire in a loom (Blue Wire).

7) I hooked up the Ground to the battery and the Positive the battery also
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8) Run Blue wire into the interior, I went through the multi wire loom. I made a small hole in it too. (This is the lead blue wire from front harness).
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**At this point you should have your front harness in place loosely.**

9) Install fog lights into existing hole in the bumper. I removed the original
push in clip and installed washer’s. I didn’t trust or like the way they
were seating.
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**Moving on to the interior**

10) On the interior locate your newly installed wire above the steering column.

11) Remove multi panel switch housing on dash (one with the mirror control
and security light).

12) Remove the blank panel or coin panel and install new fog light switch
supplied with kit.

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13) Route harness wires up to switch (I went over the fuse box) and plug
into the switch.

14) On harness you should have 3 wires. Red, black and Blue.
c430b9cf63bfad196040499c2006c798  Fog Lights 05+ Corolla

15) Find a suitable (+) positive source under the dash (preferably one that comes on with the ignition).

You can use the positive from the cigar lighter or any other wire that that has a positive feed when the key is on.

Find a good source at your own risk, I used the cigar lighter one with no issues, but research this at your own risk.

16) Once you have located this, disconnect your battery, you don’t want
to fry anything.

17) Hook up red wire from harness to the (+) positive source located
earlier. Solder if possible or butt connect the wires together.

18) Hook up (-) Black wire to a good ground source, I used the ground on
the dash area.

19) Now hook up blue wire to the blue wire that was ran through the
firewall earlier.

20) Reconnect your battery and turn your ignition on. Press the fog light
button and enjoy your lights.

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