Fog Lights Without Headlights On

-Tap-in connector ($1.69/4pk at Radio Shack)

-Phillips screwdriver
-10 minutes of your time

Remove the panel below the steering colum there will be three screws:

One below the sterrwing wheel and one on each side:

Once screws are out remove the panel

2. On the lower-left side of the steering column is a white wire harness. Separate the GREEN/WHITE and GREEN/ORANGE wires from the rest of the bundle.

3. Take your snips and cut the GREEN/ORANGE wire. Make sure you leave some wire length to work with.

4. Take the GREEN/WHITE wire and splice it with the length or GREEN/ORANGE wire closest to the plastic harness. Make sure the metal blade on the tap-in pierces all the way through the wire insulation.

I used the pliers to clamp the connector’s blade onto the inserted wires then I closed the hasp.

5. Insulate the tip of the left over GREEN/ORANGE wire. I just clamped it underneath the hasp that keeps the splicer closed. This will keep it from shorting against anything.

6. Test it out to see if it works.

7. If works screw the panel back on.

P.S. IMO you should always disconnect the battery whenever cutting wires or splicing things, just disconnect the negative battery and reconnect once all the wiring is done.

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