Free Intake Mod

This mod is about cutting holes in your stock air box, before the air reaches the filter, to reduce the amount of work your engine does to draw in air. This mod does not cost any money and takes about 15 mins to 20 mins to do properly. This makes your engine about 0.01% more efficient (yay), BUT also makes your engine sound very mean compared to stock. Its similar to the effect of the SRI, but only about 1/2 as loud, and you only really hear the new sportier noise when your really giving her some juice. Let’s get started. 8)
Tools needed:
- Dremel is best, but anything that cuts plastic will work

First, remove the top of the air box. I have circled the air box below….

Alright, so you found the box. Now, take the top off by unclipping the two metal clips holding it on the right side (Circled below)……

Nice work. Now, remove the top (starting with the right side since the left side has little hinges that the top will slide out of once you get the right side up first). You will notice the air filter is between the top and bottom of this box.

Now, all you need to do is to set the filter aside somewhere safe, then make holes in the back side of the air box. I reccommend the back because it doesnt allow the road dirt in as much, and also there is nothing on the other side of the plastic. I dont know what is underneath, but I would guess some stuff is there.

Now, this is important. Clean off all of the shaved plastic that is hanging from your holes, and then thoroughly vaccuum the inside of your air box.

Put the filter back between the two pieces of the air box (put it in the top portion), then put the left side of the top portion into the hinge-like parts on the left side of the bottom part (this can take some forcing). Then lower the right side, do up the two metal clips, and grab some milk and cookies because you are done. 8) Go for a drive, and you will notice that your engine will make a meaner noise when you really give it (starting from about 2K rpm). This is very noticeable when you floor it from 2K rpm in 2nd gear, but if you have automatic, your car will downshift to first I believe. But if you have manual, try it like that Anyways, enjoy, and good luck.

Also, another option is to remove the long snorkle coming out of the bottom of the intake box that snags around to behind the driver’s side headlight. This invovles removing the battery and all this stuff I cant be bothered with that only gives you about the same result, IF THAT. Difference is, this is reversible (although you could fill those holes easily anyways).


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