Fujita CAI Install

Got the ECM replaced, so it’s time to re-install the CAI. Install is pretty straightforward. Note: Fujita doesn’t make a CAI for the Corolla. This one is for the Matrix XR. Still fits the same. Just a little bit of modification near the end. We’ll get to it then. Well, here we go.

Tools needed:
Flat-Head Screwdriver
Phillips-Head Screwdriver
Ratchet (10 and 11mm deep sockets) or Combination Wrenches of the same size
12″ Extension Bar
Provided Hex Key

Install Time: A little under an hour, based on your knowledge of intake installation and familiarity with your engine bay.

Disconnect the terminals and remove the battery.

dd9db4b95a51744d512024a438db63ef  Fujita CAI Install

Remove the Engine Cover.

4e5103e53ee2086bb90bd75bc956f6bd  Fujita CAI Install

Remove the crankcase vent tube from intake tube and valve cover.

37b43fa93b362efebf91ddb31a47212e  Fujita CAI Install

Unclip the Vacuum Switching Solenoid (VSS) from the intake tube, then loosen the screw and disconnect the bracket from the VSS.

df5d1f9ec67daf6c83fd5957a450874d  Fujita CAI Install

Loosen the hose clamps from the Stock Intake.

d4ba439a8ec81b6857775f1db6afce40  Fujita CAI Install

Unclip the harness from the metal bracket. Also unplug the wiring harness from the MAF Sensor.

e45907143a579515b9f0f53ca58d180d  Fujita CAI Install

Unclip the upper portion of the air box and remove it and the filter.

2cb4fae0536a49c20bc7eb97b575b7f3  Fujita CAI Install

loosen the 10mm bolts to remove the lower portion of the air box and remove it.

8397e875ede29e20afdfda69177180e9  Fujita CAI Install

Loosen the 10mm bolt holding the air inlet.

6f960bfd8f22956ddaac676468040969  Fujita CAI Install

Remove the plastic clip holding the air inlet and remove.

bbca120ac311d34627a41c82d1c9fd80  Fujita CAI Install

Time to remove the bumper. There are 3 screws on each side holding the bumper on.

529f52de10a7645e3bf62df7ddd36d9c  Fujita CAI Install

ba3c09c6a72f0518c75d33929573f253  Fujita CAI Install

Remove the grille screws and the 2 clips in the lower grille.

be109db95889622b07cb0533364e6a54  Fujita CAI Install

If you’ve followed along your car should look something like this:

93da88f6ab01d9ceccb9c0a5298b4d13  Fujita CAI Install

Here’s the stock air box and accessories:

c2b0021f9b32b83d16be9d56d775075e  Fujita CAI Install

And the new one:

7f97ba7e8ac58a9542bc5ba2d9ca1cf9  Fujita CAI Install

And the bumper:

0160567d4e6c1d8b0e72692a6ef401ab  Fujita CAI Install

Now the Intake Install:

Install the 2.50″ to 2.75″ reducer hose and the hose clamps onto the throttle body. Tighten the TB side clamp only. You will see why later.

2cc444f78eb4282fc763d0f0b7227417  Fujita CAI Install

Install the vibration mount onto the threaded hole on the shock tower.

142c188b957c0f0ab119c64388c37584  Fujita CAI Install

Remove the MAF Sensor from the stock air box.

2e7989e10766b6c83e573501f757b9d4  Fujita CAI Install

Place on new intake pipe with provided machine screws. Tighten with hex key.

0bdcfbfc2ecb6ad1db5be18a86404400  Fujita CAI Install

Install the intake pipe to the TB and align the bracket to the vibration mount.

495fe21543c228c7c9ce055a5e067ec0  Fujita CAI Install

8603a5e57a9e17d93147bc50c37cab9d  Fujita CAI Install

Install the VSS to the intake pipe with the Phillips screw.

83a4de19a6ef0d94eae62d14833d4b7f  Fujita CAI Install

Install the vacuum hose onto the valve cover and the intake pipe. Plug the harness into the MAF sensor.

78d3613d3c1f4fdf25d3d31b84d631c8  Fujita CAI Install

aeaa5196442c786ad0ba7d5aa69496b2  Fujita CAI Install

Use some wire ties to secure the vacuum hose to the wiring harness.

6d5e13ff86d748152957619b5f428ff1  Fujita CAI Install

Install the 2.75″ straight hose coupler and hose clamps to the end of the intake. Tighten the intake side only.

894983f4abc5a2d30f2216f37e1196d5  Fujita CAI Install

Install the 2d vibration mount to the bracket.

5f83c0859ed39215bd9a78f1618bfccb  Fujita CAI Install

Here’s where the modification is. The Corolla doesn’t have a threaded hole on the bracket. So I found a 10mm nut and washer in the garage.

4c3fdf69dd89a2b927ad4b2587edd974  Fujita CAI Install

Install the 2d intake pipe from the bottom into the hose clamp on the primary intake.

1faed92381a7a86c6e00c63a4644ad62  Fujita CAI Install

You are gonna have to work the intake around the wires for the battery terminal a little. I coudn’t get the intake over them, so i put it under as much as I could. See why you shouldn’t have tightened the clamps and vibration bracket screws?

7a52d48732f3e0965cf108335e7dfde2  Fujita CAI Install

Align the bracket to the vibration mount and tighten.

68d1c02f79d20554640c5b3d735c363e  Fujita CAI Install

Tighten the 1st vibration mount as well as the remaining hose clamps.

699ade819479c58fd2a1ba383fd65cf2  Fujita CAI Install

Install the filter.

1a1af997553f68ebc2dbdc5ea0f1c25d  Fujita CAI Install

That’s pretty much it.

Re-install the battery.

b8eb6cc8a59e8f1481b195384610e9e3  Fujita CAI Install

And the Engine Cover.

911f9a157bac874a400e5f19fa4b30fd  Fujita CAI Install

And Voila!!

67b770fb0af0233a71c6de1a59d79120  Fujita CAI Install

a9dee9d258935c3e4402d2bd01ce300e  Fujita CAI Install

0b7e33cedfe3ff8761710be119e7f4b7  Fujita CAI Install

18d3443a9964478aa05fdbe2e921f6ff  Fujita CAI Install

Re-install the bumper.

Reset the ECU.


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