Fujita SRI 2005 XRS

Hey everybody, here’s my DIY for the Fujita SRI. The install overall is pretty simple if you’re familiar with your engine bay and how everything goes together. The directions from Fujita are also pretty clear, but having all the photos in black and white can be frustrating if you’re confused. So this is for noobs over whoever would rather use this than the given instructions.
This is my first DIY so don’t be too harsh haha

First thing you wanna do is loosen up the hose clamps on the stock intake hose.

Next you’re going to unplug your maf sensor and the brown plug to the VSV.

Now you’re going to unclip the top of the intake box, remove the filter, and remove the top of the box. If you look to the side of the bottom part of the box, you’ll find vacuum hoses you need to also unplug. Unscrew the 3 bolts and the bottom of the intake box and remove that half as well.

Oh, this part of the DIY takes careful planning. Make sure your (+) battery terminal is corroding and then make sure you totally ignore it so when you go to remove the battery for some more shoulder room in this DIY, you tear the terminal apart like tissue paper. JK don’t do this, try to maintain your stuff. I’m a negligent car owner.

If you run into some pesty thing keeping you from removing the bottom part of the intake box, it’s because of these little shts. Pinch the clip and they’ll come right off.

Now that you have the stock intake system totally removed, your engine bay should look something like this.

Now go back to the top part of your stock air box and unscrew and remove your maf sensor. Also unscrew and remove the assembly with the orange plug right below the maf sensor. Set this aside for a little later.

Now snag the couplet from your fujita box and slip the bigger end onto the throttle body. Tighten the TB side but leave the other side for now.

Now here’s a few steps in one. First put the other clamp on that first couplet. Leave it relatively loose. Slip the intake pipe into the couplet. You might wanna tighten that 2nd clamp a little just to ensure some rigidity for the time being. Take your removed maf sensor and bolt it to the new pipe with provided hardware.

Now using the provided vibration mount and bracket, bolt the intake pipe to the motor bay. Having the bolt clamps loose on the couplet helps when trying to worm it around for the best fit.

Once you have that positioned well, go ahead and tighten this clamp up.

Now go snag that VSV assembly you pulled off the stock box with your maf sensor and bolt it up to the bracked tight here. (sorry for the blur lol)

Now you’re going to find that peice of vacuum line you disconnected from the box originally and reinstall it here. Place the provided cap on the other line. Plug that brown vacuum plug back in. I didn’t take great pics here so use your directions for a cross-reference.

Now go ahead and install that brand new filter onto your intake pipe and tighten the clamp.

Now reinstall your battery, start the car, and let it idle for 15-20 min to allow your ecu to accomodate for the extra flow. Now let it rip and enjoy that violent lift


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