Grease Shifter Linkages

A week or so ago I noticed I would get a nice little squeak going into 1st gear and that shifting in general just felt notchier than usual. Let’s fix that. Even if you have no problems, it’s a good idea to do and would compliment a synthetic tranny fluid change nicely. My shifts became butter smooth once again by doing this

Go to your local autozone/pepboys/checker/auto store and buy a can of white lithium spray grease. This is what mine looks like:

1227cbdc6ab3388982d14440a515d075  Grease Shifter Linkages

Then go out to your car and pop the hood, look in this area (may take some bending over your car):

7763a59a422e37ab79dffd6e2cab04fb  Grease Shifter Linkages

Then spray these areas (circled in red) with the grease. I did a pretty liberal coat (all the white is my spray), and this stuff doesn’t have a tendency to attract dirt, so it’s okay. It litteraly dries to a powder consistency that’s slightly slimy I guess you could say:

a5cd9e898a4f973b1d57e5a1823b717b  Grease Shifter Linkages

I also pulled back the little booty and sprayed some in there, couldn’t hurt .

Now go in your car and move the shifter around and then do the same thing over a couple of times to make sure it gets into the linkages well. It helps to have somebody in the cab moving the shifter as you’re spraying, shaves off like 5 minutes…

Enjoy your shifter with a much better feel. This should also apply to the C60 (XRS)


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