How to install Halos

Here is a DIY on installing a pair of halos onto you car. I hope this will be very understandable and easy to do. This job needs atleast 2 people to do which involves removing the bumper to access the headlights. Plus you dont need to jack the car to do this.

Materials: Socket Wrench (10mm), Screwdriver, Tap-in-connectors, Electrical Tape, Clamp Tool

Find a place to work on your car where you’ll have enough room to work around it. I took mine into the grass of the yard just in case the bumper will drop. Now lets get into installing these headlights.

First off the grille needs to be removed. Pop the hood of your car and look down at your grille. There are 2 screws and 1 clip that needs to be removed. The clip is in the middle. To remove the clip you need to pull out the center piece of it and then pop the clip out.

Then once they are removed, you need to look behind the grille and pop the grille from the bumper that it is attached to. You can use your hand or a flat tip screwdriver but cover it with tape so it won’t scratch anything.

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Next, the bumper needs to come off. There is a total of 6 screws and 2 clips that hold the bumper on. There are 3 screws on each side of the bumper and 2 clips in the center of it. The pics below indicate the location of the screws and clips.



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The 3 screws hold the wheel well and bumper together on each side. Two are visible while the third one is hidden behind the wheel well. You need to take the bottom 2 off to access the hidden screw.


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Once those are off, you can remove the 2 clips in the front underneath of the bumper. Its the same kind of clip on the grille. Remove the center portion and pop the clip out.

Now after all is removed you can pop the bumper off from the side carefully. Its hooked on by tabs. What I did is just removed enough of the bumper to access the headlights like so. (If you have foglights remember to disconnect its connectors if you decide to remove bumper completely)
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Now that is done, its time to unbolt the headlights and remove them.
You need to unbolt the top 2 and the 1 that is behind the bumper as shown.
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For safety, make sure your battery is disconnected when wiring. Once the bolts are off you can slide the headlight out and disconnect the connectors

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After removing the OEM headlight you can bring up the Halo. Before you bolt on the headlight, the wires need to be tapped in to the connectors.

Using tap-in-connectors like so…
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I connect the black wire to the black existing wire and the red to the red wire which go to the inner city lights.

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Next you need to connect a pair of wires (Red for + and White for -) from the Halo rings to the parking lights. Using the parking light connector, you need to locate 2 wires. Green wire for + and the White wire between the two Green wires for -.


94d0121ebdb0b4fd08f0ede9322bcc5a  How to install Halos

From one of the pairs, connect one Red wire from the Halo to the Green wire of the parking light connector. Then connect the White wire to the White wire. Once those are connected what I did is tapped the other pair of wires from the Halos to the one pair that was connected to the parking lights like so…

876bfbbb53f5f5226f3f5ad86aad842f  How to install Halos

Once all the wires are connect you can wrap the connectors with electrical tape to inclose it for safety purpose. Reconnect your batter and turn on your parking lights to make sure your Halos are on and everything is working properly.

Reverse everything you did to install the Halos and the bumper and you should be all set and done.

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