Install Front Strut Bar

1) Breaker bar:…040210077A.jpg
That bar is over 18″ long and has a stationary head and notice the end where you can attach the proper size socket. With a socket wrench of 6″ long, assuming my Physics classes came in handy, the extra 12″ will give you a 200% increase in power. Oh well, whatever, the extra 12″ gives you the leverage you need to take off the bolts in a snap.

A breaker bar is basically just a very long piece of metal that allows you to attach various size sockets. It makes removal easier because it has a longer bar which amplifies the force you are applying through increased leverage.

2) Torque wrench:…040212609C.jpg
Look closely at the center of the torque wrench and you’ll see some faint etchings. Those etchings allow you to select the proper amount of force (torque) that you want to apply. The settings is selected by twisting the handle to the desired torque setting, then turning the black knob at the very bottom end to lock it in. On the other end is the adapter where you attach the proper sized socket. Keep tightening the nuts and pull with force until you feel/hear the torque wrench go “clink”.

A torque wrench allows you to specify the amount of force you want applied. For the strut towers, torque should be set to 32 ft-lbs. What happens is that when you tighten the torque wrench, you may be applying upwards of 40-50 ft-lbs of force, but the torque wrench will “click” when you hit 32 ft-lbs, indicating that the proper amount of force has been reached.

3) Socket wrench & 12 mm socket.


Strut bar installation consists of removing 6 nuts in total (3 on each side), put the strut bar down, replace the bolts (torque to 32 ft-lbs.).

This is the ONE installation that every tuner must do on their own regardless of whether or not they have ANY experience whatsoever. It’s like a confidence builder. Gotta learn to walk before you run. If necessary, get some help from someone who knows what they are doing. DO NOT take it to a shop. If you are not capable enough to install a strut bar, you don’t deserve to drive your car… Okay, maybe that’s a little harsh. But really, $20 for a 5-minute install is crazy (that’s like paying $240/hour for labor).

Because this is such a basic mod, some new folks may need pictures. Here are some from my install today.


And of course a beautiful Rolla

Removing the 6 bolts

Placing the bar in place

Retightening by hand first

Torqueing to 32 Ft/Lbs

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