install HID kit

When you open the box, you should see something like this:
8f5afc18a3e5a02e1b826a46903c0bca  install HID kit

Remove one bulb and one ballast along with their wires:
848f09dd1e2aadb8e900ec6cd3aa7993  install HID kit

Take the bulb, and cut here. You can cut on either side of the grommet, doesnt really matter. just make sure you dont cut the wrong wires :P The piece on the right will not be used with this kit.
1149161e8058510424a0ecb51cd1c4fd  install HID kit

Next, strip these wires:
0b4e962b3ff4c233a481f075fe9e22c8  install HID kit

Grab the ballast, and cut off these two male prongs and strip the ends:
2854d254dc16fb6c4c8b914bec733118  install HID kit
07f17775a25361070f7db8459e87ce06  install HID kit

Next, connect the wires that you just cut and stripped. Red to Red, and Black to Black. I soldered, used heat shrink, and wrapped it with electrical tape.
992670f232c40a0f21c83762432988e8  install HID kit

Repeat the above steps for the other ballast and bulb.

Now, open up your hood and disconnect the negative (-) side of the battery. Remove your stock halogen bulbs and mount the ballasts. Here’s pics of where i mounted the ballasts:

Passenger side:
c37c1079570482d2afb888fae3975d13  install HID kit
3b49cf3bbf7770d295c3cf356251c812  install HID kit

Driver side:
8d65e075fe591bdbc9ef1d19f68706cc  install HID kit
cd45d4713c90a8e45c5cedc43435e315  install HID kit

Now; using latex gloves, carefully insert the HID bulbs into the headlight housing. (sorry, no pic)

Next, connect the two wires coming from the bulb to the two wires coming out of the ballast. Next, connect the other plug coming from the ballast to the stock lowbeam harness. Make sure when plugging the ballast into the stock harness, it plugs in red to red/white and black to red/black.
ee7e1f9223cd9b7139c597ae0084884f  install HID kit
2e6a5fb939ac981685ee23804308bde1  install HID kit
ef55260d5f57477a4010c80b35e9114b  install HID kit

Reconnect the negative (-) terminal of the battery and turn on your headlights!
10132d675c4a1aa926276cb2ab628afa  install HID kit
98b405860d59d3e8aef8d6a523b08df6  install HID kit

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