Intake Manifold Painting (1zz-fe ONLY!)

1. *Dupli-color High Temp paint (500 deg. or more preffred)
* you may use the engine enamel too but they have chrome colors which are great
2. Dupli-color High Temp Engine Clear coat paint
3. socket wrenches
4. clingwrap
5. rubber bands
5. clean cotton towels or rags (this is optional)
5. alcohol
6. automotive masking tape
7. Dupli-color engine primer coat (u can go with a flat or one w/metallic flake; i like the latter)
8. drop clothes or old newspapers
9. pliers
I. remove your engine cover (wether painted or not *see DIY section) using 10mm socket wrench. They should come off easily, and make sure to put it aside in a proper place. You should have something like this
12ccf7292f7b001318398deaaf800d38  Intake Manifold Painting (1zz-fe ONLY!) Ive marked the six nuts you have to take out. for are actual bolt screws and the two are just top cap screws (for lack of a better word) Here’s up close pics of some of it.
76244944c76374f6efff16f2537be974  Intake Manifold Painting (1zz-fe ONLY!)
f1781deb24defe3ed4be9f48381b6749  Intake Manifold Painting (1zz-fe ONLY!)
5c9a16f496eee50705f1655316bbbaa5  Intake Manifold Painting (1zz-fe ONLY!)
I used an extension for my wrench since it was kinda hard to get to with a short one. Also the bottom one is hard to get to witha long one, so i sggest loosening it up and you just unscrew it by hand – its easy.

II. BEFORE you take out all these nuts for the intake manifold i suggest pulling out the hoses (4), and unhooking your intake or SRI or CAI for that matter (it’s easy believe me). then look behind your manifold by the throttle body and you will see a socket chip plugged in (for 05up models only). Thats your throttle body regulator. Unplug it at move it away from the other hoses. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. YOU DO NOT WANT TO RIP THIS WHEN YOU TAKE OUT YOUR MANIFOLD LATER. :shock: There are 3 vaccum hoses that need to be taken out: One is the most obvious coming from the manifold itself. the main one has a butterfly clamp thats easy to take out. the other one is a smaller hose a little above it, and the third on is drectly behind the manifold itself if you look behind the 2 hoses.
7a7ddb5f726d4d9851c288327aa55b87  Intake Manifold Painting (1zz-fe ONLY!)
III. Once you’ve disconnected these three hoses get some cling wrap and some small sized rubber bands. Cut out enough cling wrap to wrap the end of each hose shut and seal it tight witha rubber band.
IV. Once you’re done sealing these three, move on to the collant hoses (2) attached to the throttle body. You may use a pliers to move the clamps down the hose far enough to kae nplugging it easy. do this one at a time and carefully. REMEMBER! Be careful not to spill coolant fluids. What i did was have a cling wrap and rubber band ready for each hose and seal it right away as you did witht the three vaccum hoses.
a4f8e308029228a6ca91c6b3edf7cebd  Intake Manifold Painting (1zz-fe ONLY!)
27da64408fe8271d47da442019bd6407  Intake Manifold Painting (1zz-fe ONLY!) Coolant fluid might rise up so try to position those two hoses as high as they would go and make sure theyre stable and wont budge. the loger hose can easily rest on top of your engine or by your intake.
V.Now remember your intake? Seal that up with cling wrap too. and use a rubber band that’s tight enough to hold that in place2cbbf4c80145427059b103f2eedf5b43  Intake Manifold Painting (1zz-fe ONLY!)

VI. Now, using your wrenches and the proper socket sizes. remove the 6 screws/nuts holding the actual intake manifold in place (see 1 st pic above). Now youre ready to remove your intake manifold. Be careful in removing it so as not to damage anything. Pulli it forward slowly and once the two main scrw on top are clear, pull it up and make sure not to bump your fan too much so as not to dislocate it.Your engine bay should look something like this after..
49d40b2b6e7dd726be8d50c91703cdc4  Intake Manifold Painting (1zz-fe ONLY!)

VII. Now that you hav your manifold emoved. take it for cleaning. I useda damp cloth with some soapy water at first. Dry it then use alcohol generously on the plastic black surfaces only. Be careful not to dribble water or alcohol into the open crevasses.Pat it dry and make sure there’s no dirt or grime left anywhere.
VIII. Now time to use the clingwrap. Turn your manifold around and you will see the gaskets and opeing where it was attached to your main block. Cling wrap this whole area and seal it. you may use the masking tape to outline the areas you wil paint later on around it.. Also, cling wrap your throttle body and mask off all the hose openings. make sure youve taped off everything that wont be painted and that everything is clean.

Now go get your paint primer and set it up using drop clothes. Spray a light coat on using even strokes. Spray 6-10 inches from the manifold and leave t be for about 10 mins. Do a second and 3rd light coat wth the same time intervals as the first. Make sure you got al the surfaces.
c3c7eb20b6f2fcb2514128c5479a3eef  Intake Manifold Painting (1zz-fe ONLY!)
23d14a1adb8d799dbc98bb3baca6d9b7  Intake Manifold Painting (1zz-fe ONLY!). Now do a 4th medium coat that gets you a wet look. spray evenly and dont overdo it as to make the paint run. Leave it be for an hour to dry.

IX. After leaving for n hour, feel the paint lightly with your finger to make sure it’s dry enough (if not let it sit more), then start with your color paint of choice. remember to paint it the same way your applied you primer coat. do 3 light coats and for me i did 2 medium coats with a 10 min inteval for the light coats and 20 mins between the 2 medium coats. * You dont have to do 2 mdium coats, but im anal about painting so i get a better finish with it anyways. Wait for an hour for it to dry then apply your clear coat.0a420f355cca16b32fe039d98fd1f2af  Intake Manifold Painting (1zz-fe ONLY!)
b4c53f8c1b346d3f3a223bec621d7afe  Intake Manifold Painting (1zz-fe ONLY!)
X. For clear coating it i would suggest doing 3 light coats and one heavy one with 10 minute intervals i between. Aftwr the final clear coat, let it dry for 2 hours eugh to hold it and let the paint harden. Iddnt and uined mine, so now i have to live with some creases – shit! :twisted: Or let it dry overnight.
XI. Install your manifold back in and canot stres this enough: TAKE YOUR TIME. I didnt, and scratched one pipe on my grille (nasty ass scratch!). Follow the same procedures, but this time screw it back on after taking all the tape and plastic off. then hook back your coolant hoses first. Bleed them out a bit enough to let any air out and cap them back tightly. Then comes your vaccum hoses, and then your intake. Make sure you got all the tapaes and plastic wrap off. You dont want them burning in your engine bay believe me. Then dont forget your throttle module (for 05 models), otherwise when you step on the gas, you will hardly feel anything. Make sure everythiing is latched on perfectly. DOUBLE CHECK and you’re done! Congratulatons on doing this DIY yourself! brush your shoulders boy! 8)

you should have something like this…
7e3a26f12f91ae0f9df12fda068ec080  Intake Manifold Painting (1zz-fe ONLY!)

254e0b68f91d2f11afee453b9895ff29  Intake Manifold Painting (1zz-fe ONLY!)


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