Make an 03-04 CAI fit on 05-08

What you’ll need: (I got all my parts from Autozone)
1 ft of 050107C
1 ft of 081107C
Get the smallest sized clamps you can get. Autozone sells them in packs of three. But you will only need one.

Alright lets get started.

1. Remove your engine cover.
2. Get the 050107C hose and attach it to the engine (As shown below in the picture):

998aa13d7e5a38490aa4fb63dbb571b0  Make an 03-04 CAI fit on 05-08

3. Get the 081107C hose and put one end on the nipple of the intake of the intake and the other end put it INSIDE the 050107C hose (Make sure before you do this, that you put the clamp (loose) on the 050107C hose. When the intake hose is inside the engine hose get a flat head screwdriver and tighten up the clamp) Now you may need to cut some of the hose depending how far your nipple of the intake is from the engine itself. This is trial and error:

aed7729f88c556ee74af30f720fc90dc  Make an 03-04 CAI fit on 05-08

ace5cc467cec814d8b50d09664420131  Make an 03-04 CAI fit on 05-08

4. Thats it! Put your engine cover and you should be good to go! What I did was run the engine hose from the side so the hose won’t be squished. No CEL for this yet and it works great! Clean look too.

59144dc4aec0cd45e5e6bde17e762b58  Make an 03-04 CAI fit on 05-08


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