Nitrous!! In progress!!!!

this is a work in progress for me im working on it in my spare time and waiting for some parts like the window switch and to make a purge kit which will be an other diy for you guys to enjoy i am running the nitrous works 25-100 shot kit part number 13080 for efi cars wet shot kit

first off this is how it looked when i first strated

75151e9ce61aba06b86df1965e261599  Nitrous!! In progress!!!!

nxt you will need to go to any hardware store to get a 1/4 inch t and 2 barbs i used were 5/16 barbs and 2 were 1/4 barbs for the fuel line part on the t and one 5/16 goes on the solenoid for the fuel. this is one of the barbs i bought

63d1baab54e26049b16a18f42c1e2874  Nitrous!! In progress!!!!

next you will need to cut your fuel line its the big looped hose that is connected to the fuel rail i cut mine toward the bottom and un clipped it for easy working space and i put on of the barb in the plastic hose inside of it like so

8a90215df858bf6eba2f781a266c8fb2  Nitrous!! In progress!!!!

you must do this to the other side of the line as well so the fuel can keep going to the rail

this is what it will look like all put together

97b9a1e74ca0fb11a1ba50b1cdf7a559  Nitrous!! In progress!!!!

e8d40b313e2f9912e81e99e1b4e77bac  Nitrous!! In progress!!!!

next to the last barb on the solenoid and connect a efi fuel hose i used the 5/16 and here is the hose

1cca7010c413c82769180b576a36b7aa  Nitrous!! In progress!!!!

hook that all up and this is what it will look like

9ccba43cecb927d74e787ec284820dc6  Nitrous!! In progress!!!!

next it the fogger inatall i have the trd cai so i just made a hole in the cupplerto fit the fogger for size just make sure the nozzle faces the tb and that the fuel is the line closest to the tb

dc2ea55c50c443ca6573bc1fc8f163ca  Nitrous!! In progress!!!!

0b76c5ad49b0cbb34618415e4d6df231  Nitrous!! In progress!!!!

hook it5 all up not to check to see it it clears the hood i had no problem at all even tho mine sticks up a bit

8337defebb028cc392d9603e51e49e7a  Nitrous!! In progress!!!!

dbcd2106526f39b50da03d6a21b9589e  Nitrous!! In progress!!!!

this is a purge kit im using the nos power shot solenoid it just screws on before the nitrous solenoid so it can purge all the air out of the line before spraying

cedd9562448a222629adf982526551d6  Nitrous!! In progress!!!!

9472569fafafe5464c629b1b4c41c25c  Nitrous!! In progress!!!!

cd7106f9b0dbc216c2190fe0f413a2a5  Nitrous!! In progress!!!!

all that is left is the incar wiring anf the nitrous bottle line feed im waiting for spring for those cause it will be warm out
still inprogress slowly will keep updating


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