Oil Change – Synthetic w/photos

Oil change is quite easy and i’m pretty sure many of you do it by your own. It seems like DIY for an oil change is quite obvious and nothing new, but i guess it is nice to atleast have a DIY for an oil change for people in this forum.
So this is my first oil change since i bought my car and i decided to go synthetic for my ‘05 LE auto at 1800mi and here it is:

First, get prepared.

You will need 4 quarts of engine oil, a funnel, oil filter, crush washer, 14mm socket, a wrench, flat-head screwdriver, oil filter remover, and some rags.

Lift up the car and place a jack for safety.

The oil drain plug and filter is located on the passenger side of the vehicle. The transmission drain plug(for auto) is located on the driver’s side so don’t get confused and drain the ATF instead!!

This is the picture of the drain plug taken at underneath of the car

… and the oil filter.

With 14mm socket and a wrench, unscrew the drain plug and drain the dirty oil out!

You may want to dangle the plastic cover underneath the car for a easier access to the filter. You will have to remove five clips near the filter(more clips on front left wheel well which does not need to be removed) for the cover to dangle.
To remove each clip, use a flat-head screwdriver and pull out the center portion first, and then the rest.

Here is how it should look like with the cover dangling down.

Now the harder part- not that the procedure is hard, but it is physically hard.
You’ll have to remove the oil filter. I was hoping to be able to unscrew them by hand but .. nope, it never will. It seems like toyota decided to literally tight the filter as hard as they possibly can. I got them off by using oil filter removing tool(which I dont know the exact name of) which wraps around the filter and unscrews the filter by using a wrench. Even that was hard, since I had to use almost all by body weight on one damn filter. The result? yes- the filter did come off, but it sure did come off crushed.

One thing i noticed is that the filter from the factory does not have the same code as the one I bought from the dealer, even though they both are genuine toyota filters.The filter from the dealer has a code# 90915-YZZF2 and the one from the factory has code# 90915-TA001.

Next step is to screw on the plug and filter. The filter should come with a crush washer, which is used in between the drain hole and the drain plug. Get rid of the old crush washer, install a new one on the plug and screw the plug back on tightly. Install the new filter as well. The filter can either be hand tightened or tool tightened with a wrench.

I hand tightened the filter as much as i can.

At this point, all the used oil is drained and a new filter and crush washer is installed. Secure the dangling plastic cover by simply pushing in the clips that were taken out. After making sure everything is in place, remove the jack and lower the lift.

Final step- add 3.7 quarts of fresh oil using a funnel and you’re done!

Start the engine and enjoy your ride!


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