Painting Rear Brake Drums

Ok here it is:

Cleaning Stuff
I used some sand paper and a few steel wool pads to clean the drums with. Feel free to use whatever. I found the steel wool alone isn’t really enough to get the chunks of rust etc around the outer edge. Sandpaper worked well for that.

Removing the Tire
Jack up your vehicle. I used jack stands and HIGHLY suggest using them.
So obviously remove the tire. I used a 4-way tire iron. From what I’ve been told using the stock tire iron can put downward pressure on the lug and the stud bolt (not the greatest thing) Using a 4 way ensures that your are providing torque in the proper manner. (Made sense to me)

Removing the Brake Drum
Ok so we need to remove the brake drum. But how? the first time I had to remove my drums, my friend and I banged on the damn thing with a rubber mallet forever, before I found this site and asked a question…

That funny Key in your Trunk
KNow that long, brass-colored screw in your trunk? It just so happens that this screw fits exactly into those two little holes in your brake drum.

Removing the Drum
Place the ket in one of the holes and turn until you hear a ‘pop’. Repeat for the 2nd hole. You should be able to remove the drum now.

Cleaning the Drum
I sanded the entire outside face ot the break drum including the small rim at the very edge. Then I cleaned it using a steel wool pad. Rinse and dry completely.

Spray Paint
I used High Temp Low-Gloss Black paint. The can suggests shaking the can for one minute. Its not like regular spray paint where you only shake for a few seconds. Literally, count out one minute. This is also a great forearm workout. lol

Painting the Drum
Be sure to use nice even strokes. I used four coats. Allow 10-15 minutes to dry in between coats.

Placing the Drum Back On
Be sure to place the drum back over the assembly. It should lock into place. If not, you screwed something up. (I did)

Finished Rim Shot
Tada! (I know the image is darker than I wanted)

Full body Shot
Tada again!
This actually looks really nice when using black. It really is just eye-pleasing to NOT see rust when looking at a vehicle with rims.
Sorry the DIY wasn’t more detailed. Hope it helps a little however.

Happy Painting!

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