Power Steering Fluid flush (easy way)

Here is what you need:

Dexron III or equivalent ATF. $6.50 per bottle, 2 bottle/quarts
note: the original Fluid in the bottle might be yellowish instead of Red ATF, dont worry, the factory just used Un-Dyed ATF.
just make sure the bottle cap printed Dex III.

Some type of Suction Device.

This one cost me $9 from O’reilly. But the Hose doesn’t fit the bottle neck, you have to find a smaller hose and adapter.
Adapters from Home Depot Pluming
c72022ba4e3dff095df15005390f199f  Power Steering Fluid flush (easy way)

Or if you can find other suction tool like a Siphon Pump, it should work.

Suck out all fluids from the bottle.

#2 Refill the bottle with new ATF.

#3 Start the Engine, Turn the steering wheel lock to lock 5-10 Times. It allows the new fluid to replenish the Old Fluid in all the Valves in the system.

Note: if you got weak arms or dont want to scrub ur tires, Raise the front end of the vehicle first.

#4 Shut off the engine, repeat the step “1 – 3″ four times, it should replace nearly all the fluids in the system. 2 quarts of ATF should be sufficient.

#5 (optional) If you are doing it for someone else, make sure you clean the P/S fluid Reservoir Real good. I use brake clean. So Mr. Joe Blow who doesn’t know shit about cars will think you did a good job when he opens the hood.


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