Rear Disc Swap

First off let me start by stating that the swap is well worth it i’m done and the braking feels a bit more responsive with less pedal pressure. Not a whole lot but enough to feel different. Even did a couple hard stops after warming them up and nothing wrong with the rear end locking up.

Install took a little longer than planned, mostly because we spent some time test fitting my new rims (still not going to put them on until its lowered because it looks weird so high).

Ok so here are the pix and information

Start off by purchasing the whole rear hub intact. The parts do not need to be dissassembled simply unbolt the four bolts and undue the ebrake cable from the donor car and viola you have a hub

424ac301318fa52cd7ca9a7d7894e5f1  Rear Disc Swap

Next take a look at your dinky drums in your rims and say goodbye and thank them for the job they’ve done until now:

206ec6c92b2ffcb2831aba866d1e6c54  Rear Disc Swap

Next Raise car and unbolt the exhuast flange that connects the midpipe to the axleback muffler this way you can move the exhaust around and pull out the two heat shields below the car. One is right above the resonator and the other is attached to the fuel tank. They’re easy to do just require a 10mm and takes a couple bolts and wiggling and they’re out.

Once the mid heat shield is removed you will be able to see the ebrake equalizer which will be dealt with later:

e6636d09a00d6748f949cd67d475679b  Rear Disc Swap

Now we start taking apart the hub. You need to use a 10mm wrench and undue the brass fitting that plugs into the drum side of the brake hose and let it leak into a pan below.

16a0435f367670eafeebe060c24d625d  Rear Disc Swap

Then you go along the ebrake cable and undue the three 10mm bolts and loosen the clip near the equalizer (Do not remove the clip as it makes reinstallation a little harder just loosen it enough to wiggle the line out of it’s grip). Once line is loosened then pull the slack towards the equalizer and turn it sideways so you can unhook the cable.

Now that the brake line and ebrake cable are undone you can remove the four 12mm bolts holding the drum to the rear brace. Viola they’re out:

If you examine them closely you’ll notice that the disc is about an inch or two bigger in diameter and probably actually weighs less from what I could feel. (Others have confirmed that they do in fact weigh less)

22ff7b7fc3c78c437479b1c2191b1d0a  Rear Disc Swap

Installation is literally reverse of removal. Place the disc hub assembled on to the rear brace and bolt in. Finish removing the old drum brake line if you have not done so already so that you can use the disc brake line (they are different). Once that is done then screw in your new disc brake line. Then run your ebrake cable down the same route. Make sure you note where you had taken it off, but if you lose track just make sure to look for the tabs the the bolts go in to. Do not screw it in however until you rehook it to the equalizer because you need the slack to pull it sideways to hook it in. Once it is hooked in the first bolt should be the clip. Make sure the line is taught and pull it in to place under the clip. This may require some strength to get it lined up right but if you do it should just clip in like stock. This is why I said not to completely undo the clip as it makes ur job that much easier. Once it’s clipped in move on to the remaining bolts and tighten them in. Finished product should look like this:

a21472fefb6b20ababcd1ec9f3281766  Rear Disc Swap

Next spray your new rotor and hub assembly down with brake cleaner to ensure that there is no grease on your brakes. Becareful not to get it on your paint. Double check that everything was tightened properly before putting on your wheel and lowering the car again. Repeat on other side. Once you are completely finished then put the heat shield back on and after that is done bolt in the muffler again and brace below the exhaust pipe(forgot about that one) and finally BLEED YOUR BRAKES and take it for a reasonable spin as you have to make sure u do a few stops and goes before you start to slam them. Now you are done and one of the few non XRS’s with rear discs

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