Rejuvinate your Headlights

Items needed:

- Wet Sandpaper (i used 600/1500/2000 grit) – typically just 2 should do (600/2000), but the more you use, the smoother the transition.
- Rubbing Compound (i used Turtle brand, 3M sells one too for quite some more $)
- Meguiars PlastX plastic cleaner and polish
- A towel, and an applicator cloth thingie.
- Spray bottle with Dishwasher soap + water
- A container to hold a lot of water to rinse (not shown in pic)
- Painters tape (also now shown).
b0135aaa978612e167c2b75ae94a7072  Rejuvinate your Headlights

1. Apply the painters tape around the HL to avoid scratching the paint. Spray some soap solution and wash down the HL to remove any gunk that might be there.. i even used Goo Gone to remove the residue from the overlays. Here is a ‘before’ pic.
4c55303721e0ca6ce242c3db9c990b47  Rejuvinate your Headlights

2. Spray some soap solution on the HL and use the 600grit sandpaper.. try to use even long strokes left->right->left.. the longer strokes you use, the less likely you will see variations across the HL. Keep the surface wet with the spray as you sand it and stop when you think you’ve gotten enough even coverage. This is what it looks like.
0e9b0131092a3bfd517735f692264590  Rejuvinate your Headlights

3. Wash the HL off with some water, and repeat step 2 with the higher grit (1500 in my case). this is what is looks like afterwards.
4104a8d5eb47884e2f31b062cb2f3f8d  Rejuvinate your Headlights

4. Wash the HL off with some water, and repeat step 2 again, but with the higher grit (2000grit in my case). this is the last step, so make sure you really have it all evened out. this is what it looks like.
ff4b7d18a3631026d70464d212787043  Rejuvinate your Headlights

5. Wash it off and let the HL dry. Apply some of the rubbing compound on the cloth, and with a good amount of pressure, rub the HL in circular motions. Do this 3-4 times and use different portions of the cloth to keep it fresshhh. The HL will start to look a little clear now but still scratchy.
5ca11c5a25dc690d2734939e8f94b902  Rejuvinate your Headlights

6. Now, with the applicator, rub on some PlastX, again in a circular fashion, and work it till you are satisfied. Wipe off excess residue with a cloth or the other side of the applicator. You are now done.
c3fc88b1a006a411e37e2f46584a7310  Rejuvinate your Headlights

Does it look like new, ABSOLUTELY not… Was it an improvement, DEFINITELY.

If you have an electric buffer or what not, feel free to use it.

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