Relocate your stock intake

For those of you who are too cheap to buy an intake, take 30 mintes and do this. It will relocate your intake tube to draw air from just behind where the fog lights mount on the front bumper. It also makes changing the lights on your car much esier.

Tools Needed:
Staple Gun
Small Flat blade screwdriver
10mm socket
Socket wrench & extension


First of all take your battery out, it will make this much esier.

What you want to do is pull off the hose that mounts behind your headlight and turn it around. there are 3 bolts holding it in place. Take those out. Here is a pictiure of where they should be at.

After you have those out pull the intake hose out of the box. its just pressure fitted in there so it should just pull right out. I think I may have even pulled the intake box out while I was at it.

Once you have that out use a pair of pliers or the flat blade to pull all the staples out of the intake where it attaches to the plastic peices. Its also held on with a sticky glue as well. Once the staples are all out push the flat blade under the plastic towards the hose. You will need to work it around a lot to loosen that glue enough to seperate the 2 peices.

Once you have it off we want to check how the tube is going to go into the car again. You will find that if your rotate it slightly around it will slip just inside a hole right behind the headlight. (The CAI goes through this hole as well) When you are sure you have the angle correct line up the plastic peices again and staple it back together with the new shape. Put the bolts back in, install the battery and you are ready to go.

Here are some more pics of where it will end up. They are bad quality, but should get the point across. I noticed a slight bit more throttle response when I did this.

the arrow in the pic shows where the tube used to be at. And you should be able to tell where it is now. This picture was taken from the bottom side of the car, looking up towards the driver side headlight.

This is a little bit better shot of the actual opening now. you can see the white fog light housing just behind it


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