Removing & Cleaning IACV & Throttle Body

Hope this can help about most of the topics related to IACV (Idle Air Control Valve) Also youll get the idea of cleaning the throttle body properly aswell.

This can help some of you if your car idles funny etc.

This was the method i used without problems, If you are not comfortable carrying out this work yourself please turn away and consult a proffesional.

I will not be held liable if you rape something in the process.

Firstly…..If you dont know how to remove your stock air box or take your induction kit, Have a look in the DIY section as there are loads of DIY threads about fitting cold air induction and short rams they should give you the general idea of removing the stock air box and your intake.

What You Will Need

  • A Socket Spanner Set (I cannot remember all the sizes of the bolts but im sure nearly all diyers have a ratchet set)
  • 2 X 12MM Spanners
  • Carb Cleaner/TB Cleaner
  • Cotton Ear Buds Are Useful
  • Standard or Needle Nose Plier
  • Standard Screw Driver
  • WD40 (May Be Needed)
  • Drill (May Be Needed)
  • Screw Extractor (May Be Needed)
  • Patience (Will be needed if the screws are seized and are a horse )
  • Lint Free Clotch/Microfibre Cloth
  • New Bolts Or Screws (May Be Needed)
  • Torx Keys (I didnt need these as i had to drill my IACV sensor thing off) You dont have to remove this tho, I did however.
  • Idle Air Control Valve Gasket

8287c279c1ddcffc7c5af57981fbc36c  Removing & Cleaning IACV & Throttle Body

Undo the negative battery so your ecu is reset when you come to fit everything back on.

Firstly locate the throttle body

b3fb99a174b47e0c8ffe6e425c083025  Removing & Cleaning IACV & Throttle Body

2. Removal of throttle cable

09d9b783f8e41d0ed69d766801345cd8  Removing & Cleaning IACV & Throttle Body

Grab Your 12mm Spanners and undo the nuts as shown below
Try to crack open just one nut so when you come to reinstall your idle is still set correctly just undo the nut enough to slide the cable out of the bracket.

48dbcb3b3a07f2dd8b9157ccb1f0e73c  Removing & Cleaning IACV & Throttle Body

30caf247e845e80cef8b2dc1c6216057  Removing & Cleaning IACV & Throttle Body

Once away you need to pull down on the cable to undo it from the throttle body thing.

f518debaaa9fa2c5e04236ebd027bd76  Removing & Cleaning IACV & Throttle Body

Now thats off leave it to one side and start to undo the throttle body with your ratchet set.

Lower bolt
588a50f826c87821eae67da27be24cc1  Removing & Cleaning IACV & Throttle Body
Upper Nutb3fb99a174b47e0c8ffe6e425c083025  Removing & Cleaning IACV & Throttle Body

Also grab a plier and undo the clip on the hose going into the throttle body, pull that away so you have more room to work with.

There are 2 nuts and 2 bolts holding the throttle body to the intake manifold, undo the top two nuts, Removal of plastic engine cover may be neccesary to gain access to the other two.

Once all undone pull the throttle body towards you and it should slide off the two studs.

7492efb8e86b1191eeaf134c7c29019c  Removing & Cleaning IACV & Throttle Body

You will now have to undo the IACV which is on the bottom of the TB.

Undo each hose by using your plier to ease the clips back so you can pull at the hoses. Put a note on the hose so you know which one goes where. It is fairly easy to remember as the hose closest to the engine side will only really reach near to the side it goes on the IACV.
cbb86cfecc62d3b9164ae899dcdcbba2  Removing & Cleaning IACV & Throttle Body

4199e28f1223fa0333411f086b47bca1  Removing & Cleaning IACV & Throttle Body

Once you undo each one have a towel ready to make sure coolant doesnt spill everywhere.
Quickly grab a bolt to cap off each hose to stop coolant coming out.
f39ad9f14b39fa0a62ae0f99c6dfaa63  Removing & Cleaning IACV & Throttle Body

Once capped off you can leave them how they are.

The throttle body is practically off now, all you need to do is remove the wire harnesses going to the IACV and TPS

Note: Leave the TB gasket on the intake manifold as this will be re used, You can replace if you want to however.
615377cbc9c9eefa7b60aea66c10ef7a  Removing & Cleaning IACV & Throttle Body

7492efb8e86b1191eeaf134c7c29019c  Removing & Cleaning IACV & Throttle Body

Both these sensors can be unclipped earlier on if you wish to do so.

Now that the throttle body is off the car you need to work on getting the IACV off.

24ad7c08e94f8aa54a20ac78642e3d47  Removing & Cleaning IACV & Throttle Body

Here is a photo of my IACV, I have to replace the screws as mine were not coming away so i had to drill a hole through the middle and use a screw extractor to get them out. I wont go into detail at removing the screws but this is why i mentioned needing a drill, screw extractor, wd40 and some replacement screws. I will add the screw sizes to this thread later on.

I would recommend you wd40 these before rounding the screw heads off.

In the photo above i replaced mine with allen style bolts.

If all goes succesful and you remove the screws you should have your idle air control valve off the TB it will look like this

e4853ea8cd4cb0287d1fa2615dbac98b  Removing & Cleaning IACV & Throttle Body

Grab a rag, TB cleaner and your earbuds and spray and take that dirt away from inside the IACV

c1376b7f5e95dadc333848b2f3a05e0d  Removing & Cleaning IACV & Throttle Body

You can use your torx keys to remove the sensor on the side of the IACV, this is not neccesary but will allow you to properly clean the spinning rod inside the IACV.

I had to drill my ones out and replace the screws.

8a1ebd8f5c09e462274b55bf2388498b  Removing & Cleaning IACV & Throttle Body
If you remove the IACV Sensor it will look like above, Be sure not to get anything on this part as im sure it cant do the sensor any good.

Once you have cleaned the IACV thoroughly, You can clean the Throttle body aswell.

Mine was cleaned allready in the photos but it will give you an indication on all the areas to get to, Also the lower part of the throttle body which connects up to the IACV is a good place to clean well.

883b926fec1ed8c09e8e17f844c02410  Removing & Cleaning IACV & Throttle Body

Clean all the little corners etc (Im OCD so i just took that crap right off)

You can also spin the throttle rotor to open the plate up so you can wipe inside the TB properly.

9a266b62380879e07adb1d809b2d9cd6  Removing & Cleaning IACV & Throttle Body

Clean the points above.

Once all done you can start to reassemble everything back in reverse order.

Place your new gasket on the layout above, Bolt IACV back in, ensure everything is properly tightened.

Head back to the car with the TB unit and start to assemble everything back together. Ensure all connectors are plugged back in and all bolts are tightened well.

Also ensure that your throttle cable is on properly and your throttle plate is not sitting open. You can also adjust your throttle cable from here if you have any free play in the cable.

Your idle should be much better now.

Hope this DIY helps, I did this in a rush when i saw someones post so pictures arent the best as they are really old.

PS (I had blue hoses as i thought i had a vacuum leak when i kept getting a MAF sensor code, It actually related to my camcon unit being faulty. Once we found out i put my lovely original hoses back in)


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