Replace Driveshaft

I replaced my LH (drivers side) driveshaft with a GSP model via Advance Auto Parts. I have had lots of problems with my boots ripping and found out that the shop that was repairing it under warranty kept replacing it with a crappy model which is far inferior to the GSP which has thicker boots a thicker shaft itself and better quality parts all around as you will be able to see in the pictures.

Tools needed:

10mm socket
14mm socket
32 mm socket (big daddy)
regular sized flat head screwdriver
torque wrench (not necessary but helpful)
breaker bar*** (don’t leave home without it)
crowbar or big flat head screwdriver, or both!
vaseline (optional, used on some threads to ease the tightening of bolts. Does not cause loosening and gets the job done easier)
drainpan (not pictured)

0409718ea6f1ad799e8c13e277cb834c  Replace Driveshaft

First, jack up the car properly with jack stands and blocks behind rear wheels, what we are going to do first is to take a look at the hub and drain the transmission fluid for which you will need the 14mm socket. You will be removing the bolt to drain the fluid first. You should have the car warmed up so the fluid will flow freely, draining first will get the most fluid out and you can just let it drip for a while when you are working on the hub. Use a drain pan to catch all of the old fluid.


7e2ea7898d2e612584e185d4dc938edb  Replace Driveshaft

Transmission Pan

f8572dc11fe775a34789d471bcd866bf  Replace Driveshaft

c19830c6b878f3e7dfa4208b2722a6c7  Replace Driveshaft

Get that plastic liner out of the way, just remove the bolts and then bend it out of the area

7c008bd518cf2a2b1ce5d9f32da1cb45  Replace Driveshaft

Now to the hub. You need to remove the hub nut which is staked in to hold it in place. Use your flat head and mallet to gently pop out the bent metal which is malleable for this purpose of removing and replacing the hub nut. This holds the driveshaft in place with the transmission and the rest of your suspension.

32129853ab123681aeae0b132dd7f0fa  Replace Driveshaft

So bend that metal out so the nut can be spun off

9a845eacb6988a8d0f3371ffb6151835  Replace Driveshaft

You will be using the 32 mm socket for this nut

To hold the hub in place, use the screw driver to lock the hub from moving since I had both wheels off the ground

518662d829b718b59ce346873db1b481  Replace Driveshaft

You will now be using the breaker bar with the 32 mm socket to remove the hub nut. If both wheels are off the ground you need another person to hold the steering wheel all the way to the left (if you are doing the right side have it turned to the right) so you do not screw up and damage your fender or bumper with the breaker bar. Turning the wheel to the side will give you plenty of clearance. If the nut WILL NOT MOVE with all the massive force you are putting on it, you can use a small blow torch and heat up the area to loosen it up.

7c2324a77f9014f8b7c29c4746def21f  Replace Driveshaft

My friend’s hand is in the way but you get the idea, breaker bar and socket in place, ready to rock.

ee3d9235f2d3d2999866e63c42629458  Replace Driveshaft

Now you will need to remove the lower conrol arm bolts with your torque wrench and bend it away with your flat head

b70b18306498a7bc27163e144d300590  Replace Driveshaft

ad7786bb1cb8adff2d386212bf8a151e  Replace Driveshaft

The driveshaft will now slide right out of the knuckle and you can see the metal rings which is your wheel bearing.

926942aefe2ae8a3503788370f420a19  Replace Driveshaft

The following is a picture of my driveshaft with the ruptured inner boot. You can see the nasty grease around the boot that splatters when it breaks.

57a3df3b744611979dcd54cc5103858c  Replace Driveshaft

Comparison of old driveshaft and new GSP driveshaft

9e99e3657c18606cd58bb4fc7fe818c2  Replace Driveshaft

9ca74f851fb05b9447e7be57f2567544  Replace Driveshaft

5a44c756c2be7ac67c00811a618ffc54  Replace Driveshaft

Ok so to remove the old driveshaft from the transmission is not too bad, but you need a big flat head screwdriver or a crow bar to slide between to pop it out. This picture barely shows the flat head coming up from the bottom… the angle we got it out from was from underneath so getting a good pic wasn’t easy.

632487273fa9bcd833a914f96d594a6b  Replace Driveshaft

Like a sexy lady just begging for it, here is your transmission awaiting the new driveshaft

10b541cda8ab12e91992e2421e0f8324  Replace Driveshaft

9e0e9756f233f9b5aff1266d16802e0e  Replace Driveshaft

Insert the new driveshaft into the transmission (the same way the old one came out. the boots are different and when you remove the old one you will see how the new one goes in). When you slide it in you will need a mallet to gently tap the shaft into the tranny until it is up against the socket wall.

655a30b8d9464331dedf06bd7bfcafbb  Replace Driveshaft

Then you are simply repeating the process of inserting the outer shaft into the knuckle and hub between the wheel bearing.

f28498a30acfdf8dac72d79a8f469793  Replace Driveshaft

72315ab8382b34b98008220b4b2f81b6  Replace Driveshaft

We used a jack underneath the control arm to relieve some of the pressure to get the right angle on the bolts to thread them through.

**proper torque on the control arm bolts is 66 ft-lbs

0322e043b3ebf90faa37d0f70baf0d5d  Replace Driveshaft

Tighten the new hub nut that came with your new driveshaft onto the shaft end that is now protruding through your hub. Again, using the breaker bar you must tighten the HELL out of this nut. Trust me, you want this tight as a nun. Have someone turn the steering wheel and hold it as you use the breaker bar and lots of force and your own body weight to tighten until it makes a loud clicking/popping noise from the tension. Note the screwdriver in place in the rotor so you dont get spinnage.

**Proper torque is 159 ft-lbs on the hub nut

1d55165a43c4b4b4167f7d2c879e37a9  Replace Driveshaft

4f9f72567f8f2a05847df35b6212cc30  Replace Driveshaft

Restake your hub nut with the mallet and flat head

0f007af7f1dc408c7d19ada1832fc182  Replace Driveshaft

Congratulations, you are now sitting pretty with a new driveshaft. Make sure to replace your transmission bolt and remember to refill your transmission fluid with new fluid in the same quantity as was removed. About 4 quarts should have drained from the pan so purchase 4 quarts to be safe. Check your transmission fluid a few times after this job to make sure the level is correct. Make sure to drive the car around for 10-15 minutes, shift through the gears, park the car on level ground, leave it running, put the gear in neutral (N) with the e-brake on and check the fluid level. It should be between the hash marks for “HOT”. Enjoy.


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