Replace Rear Vent Glass

Disclaimer: It is possible to mess up your car performing any DIY work. Proceed at your own risk
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This happened to my car thanks to some guy who wanted my stereo so for a while I had to resort to the duct tape method seen below.

It’s not very attractive but I found it held up fairly well and even kept the rain out. The tape works a lot better than the plastic bags you see some people driving around with. When you take it off just be sure to clean the goo off. It’s not fun not having a window. Obviously the security of your car is totally compromised so take all your valuables (that weren’t already stolen) out. If you have some important stuff you need to leave in your car you can lock it in your trunk. You are going to want to install a new window ASAP so your car doesn’t get wet and you can start locking it again for real. Body and auto glass shops will do this but the best estimate I got was $180. I was able to buy the glass from a used auto parts shop and install it myself for $25. Here’s how you do it.
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I was able to find the glass piece from a used car parts dealer for $25. You might also be able to find it on eBay or an online parts dealer. Make sure you are getting the piece for the right side of your car (driver side vs. passenger side). If your window gasket is still in the empty window, pull it out, you will reuse it. If your gasket didn’t survive you will need another one of these too (mine came with the glass). Take the glass and carefully stretch the gasket over the glass. Start at one corner and move to the others. Once the rubber is on the glass you can put it down inside the car for later.

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The first thing you want to do is roll your rear window down. Then pull the weather stripping away from the top of the door to find a screw head above the pillar that divides the rear windows. Use a Philips to take this screw out. Put it aside for later.

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Go on the inside of the door and pry the trim up and off using either your fingers or a credit card. . When the trim is off unplug the wires from the window button by depressing the clip with your finger or a screwdriver. (For more details on these steps see my other DIY here:…ad.php?t=76835). When the trim is all off find the two screws pictured above and remove them with a Philips.

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A 3rd screw is located here in the door opener area. Carefully pop open the little square to reveal the screw. Use your fingernail if you can. I used a screwdriver and damaged the plastic. Alternatively a credit card or something thin and plastic might be a good way to go. Remove the screw. Once you have the screws out you can pry the top part of the door interior up and off the metal of the door. Then you can pull the rest of the interior piece off. Just start on one side pulling from the outside and work your way around. The whole door interior will come off. You can put this inside the car.
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Now you want to remove the screw seen here.

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Removing this screw allows you to move the metal bar to the side. Do this and begin putting the window back in from the inside of the door. Take your time and make sure to stuff the gasket in to the appropriate areas. Make sure everything is lined up then move the bar back into place. Make sure everything is flush. Now I put the bottom screw back into place. I had a little trouble lining up the top screw so it may be best to do the top one first. This is up to you. Put both screws in. At this point you may want to plug in the window switch for a second and make sure your rear window will roll up and down smoothly. Once that’s done unplug the window switch again. Now it’s time to put the door interior back on. Start at the top and hang the interior piece over the door. Line it up and press it down into place. Line up the plugs and push the piece back into place. Put the three screws back in place. Plug the window switch in and put the trim back in place. Put the piece with the window switch in first and then the armrest piece. Make sure your weather stripping on the edge of the door is back in place. Shut the door and you are good to go.

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