replacing lug studs

well i over torqued my rims and when i took them off what do you know all of my studs were stripped! so i had to replace them and i figured i would do a DIY.

new stud(s)
washers(about 3-4)
open ended lug nut
tire iron

first take off your wheel, if you have a broken or stripped stud its more then likely already off, and your wheel will look like this

45850afca05a9d179036d3360d19ae0a  replacing lug studs

Then, take off the cover, it should slide off pretty easily if its stuck its just rusted on so dont be afraid to give a little force, and it will look like this

ee46bb61c2a62506328c2018fd3bacd2  replacing lug studs

Then, hold the assembly so it doesnt move and take your hammer and whack the sh!t out of the end of that stud and it will pop out the other end, and it should look like this

de4191b4904a42497ad5be11b77d28ad  replacing lug studs

Now, take your new stud and stick it in the hole like the old one was, notice it wont fit in there and will look like this

842fa62e25e45e44cc8826d35b1e442e  replacing lug studs

Now, take your washers and put them on the stud, like so

15daedf8fe624a974f123eeb1b5df552  replacing lug studs

Now, all there is left to do is thread the nut on tight as hell and with the help of the washers it will thread the Stud thru the hole, its gunna take a bit of force so stick your hammer in between 2 of the studs and have the end touch the ground so it will stop the assembly from moving

5c3fc862b9d2c64f7109d14db81d2efe  replacing lug studs

and once its all the way thru the hole place your hammer on the opposite side and unscrew the lug and VOILA you have replaced your ruined stud!

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