Rotor install

FYI: This install is done on the Left side ( driver side) of the vehicle.

d1b65b7883ff806d645cf483fe8a141e  Rotor install

Start out with jacking up the Car

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Remove the lugnuts ( make sure you alternate loosening up the lugnuts, 1,3,5,2,4)

add2ef51ba309ee6afd6b985439eff31  Rotor install

Remove the Wheel from the axel ( or whateve that thing is called)

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Now, use a size 17mm Socket to loosen/ remove the bolt holding the caliper assmebly from the axel assembly.

37187abac6656b695dc074698108ca8c  Rotor install

bdf779c575129ad05053afabd7560a95  Rotor install

^ After the removal of the caliper place it ontop of the brake dust cover ( make sure its on there so it doesnt fall off and might pull out the brake line.).

Once you’ve removed the caliper assembly, Remove the Old rotor.

< My rotor just fell out after i removed the caliper assembly>

From OEM rotors, it is Hard to remove the OEM rotor off the axle. So you’re gonna need a Rubber mallet and a thick rag.

Use the rubber mallet to tap ( with mild amount of pressure) the center of the rotor with out hitting the studs, and wrap a rag around the rotor (disc) and tap the other side with a medium amount of pressure heading towards you.

*Sorry no pix on this process*

d8c4b9dbc2ea5f704bd4c3184e90b19b  Rotor install

So Old Rotor OUT and New IN

8f6a1d76491e4204eb180ce640a71bc6  Rotor install

5533fdeff57919e9b7ccc3d0b828a267  Rotor install

NOw, put the caliper assembly back. Make sure to tighten the bolts using 17mm socket with more than arm pressure till it wont really budge.

d27d11c40fafb11eb093caf554e06f5b  Rotor install

Then, Use a 14mm size socket to loosen the main caliper ( bottom bolt only!).

be72a860acaf86a46a56eab3c5e21115  Rotor install

After that is done, Lift up the Main Caliper and itll hold it self up there. But a small budge, the caliper will fall back down.

2a50f82f44fc787ce2bd5dfe51faec81  Rotor install

While its up, remove the old brake pads, and install the new ones in. But do not forget to reuse the Metal/aluminum plating from the existing pads to the new pads.

cedb1ce206bcd6d1c46c0be366a08a2c  Rotor install

Then use the old brake pad and a C-Clamp to push the piston in so it’ll fit the new pads. ( as seen above)

272294e54528d04f5cf3a42be3857cd0  Rotor install

After all that is done, fold down the caliper and tighten the bolt. ( arm pressure)

9983cbd0635fe14f9f78a2035f02b6b7  Rotor install

Grab a Brake cleaner to clean out the New rotor installed. Getting rid of the grease and other substance residues to improve friction.

(seen above and below)

7dc18e324c3caccc81ae27a9be6cbf52  Rotor install

9436aaeb0d9e4e9ea488dd31ced0a032  Rotor install

As seen above, reinstall the wheels and tighten up the lugnuts.

Start up the car, pump the brakes for the piston to sit on the new pads..

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