Sirius Install DIY

Sirius Trunk Install:
I chose to mount the Sirius receiver in the top half of the glove box (the flip up half) and this guide goes accordingly it won’t be too hard to modify for your own location, but this is how I did it.

I mounted the antenna on the trunk lid,

and ran the wires behind the trunk liner on the other side of the trunk. In retrospect I should have ran the wires to the right not the left but I didn’t.

Once I got the wire fished under the liner I ran the wire along the hinge,

under the carpet through the seat split

and under the seat. The seat pops out there are two clips keeping it down about 8 inches in from the side of the seat and 2 inches back from the front of the seat.

After that I ran the wires under the door trim (which also just pops out)

along the existing wires there. Then I ran the wire behind the seatbelt mount and under the front door trim as well.

The passenger side right foot well wall also pops off revealing a bunch of wire harnesses and allowing access to the top half of the glove box.

Drill a ¾ in hole in the back of the glove box and thread the antenna wire through.

I also drilled another hole in the left side of the box to run wires behind the stereo. I don’t have pictures of this part but I can explain it pretty well.

Snap out the trim on either side of the shifter, and then the same for the trim on either side of the head unit. There are four screws holding the head unit in place. Remove the screws and pop out the head unit. Along with it will come the top AC vents. I chose to use the cigarette adapter and a 3 ft auxiliary cord, both of which I ran through the empty terminal opposite the auxiliary input, behind the head unit and through the second hole in the glove box.

After testing and reassembly, the finished product looks pretty good. I got the Sirius unit to stand up using some 3M wall hook tape (the stuff that has a pull tab to remove). Good luck

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