SuperCharger Pulley Remove/Install

Alright so I finally got myself into installing a smaller pulley on my TRD SuperCharger.

Tools Needed:
Strap Wrench or Fuel Filter Wrench (Optional)
Pulley Puller
Anti Seize (Optional)
Blue Loctite (Optional)
Socket Wrench

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for anything that happens to your motor or supercharger. With that have fun with the extra boost.

Before you Begin:
Automatic: Put it in Drive (Make sure your E-Brake is up)
Manual: Put into First Gear

Step One (Option 1): Before you loosen the Belt, Take off the bolt holding the Pulley with a 19MM Socket Wrench. This method you won’t need a Strap Wrench. Go on to step 2.

Step One (Option 2): Go to step 2 and complete taking off partial of the belt. Once the belt is loosen, take the belt off the pulley and with a Strap Wrench or Fuel Wrench, Hold the Pulley Down. Using a 19MM Socket Wrench and turning counter clockwise, take off the bolt. Once off go to step 3.

Step Two: Follow this link and loosen the belt and take it off the Supercharger pulley.…ad.php?t=50831

Step Three: When the belt is off use, a pulley puller to take off the pulley. You can rent this at your local auto part store. WARNING: DO NOT USE A IMPACT WRENCH TO TAKE OFF THE BOLT OR PULLEY. I DO NOT RECOMMEND USING A RUBBER HAMMER AND HITTING THE PULLEY OFF. THESE TECHNIQUES CAN RESULT IN A DAMAGE NOSE OR MORE.

Step Four: When the pulley is off, get your new pulley and make sure to put it in correctly. The pulley has a keyhole on it so make sure the keyhole goes into the supercharger key. I circled the part to show you what I mean. Put some anti-seize on nut if you see rust.

Step Five: Most likely your pulley won’t be able to go all the way in. To get it in, use the nut that came off the supercharger (Drop a little bit of loctite on). The nut will press against the pulley until it goes all the way in. To keep the pulley from spinning when you are tightening make sure to use a strap wrench or hold it firm like I did.

Step Six: Once the pulley is on go back to step 2 to put the belt back on.

Now Double check everything and make sure it is tight. Have fun with the extra boost.


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