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Rear Brake Pads(xrs)

Tools you will need:

1. C Clamp
2. Ratchet with 14mm Socket

3. Screwdriver

Disclaimer: I am not responsible if you hurt yourself or others due to this DIY.
Notice:Brakes are a Very Important Part of you car and should not be taken lightly. Failure to properly install and maintain breaks could cause injury and sometimes death.
Lets Start…………..
Jack your car up. Put her on Jack stands and pull the rear wheels off.(if you dont know how to do this, STOP and take you car to a mechanic)
Once the wheels are off, it should look like this…
b44345de82e6e1a6c51fa37bc961753f  Rear Brake Pads(xrs)
Start by locating the two bolts that hold the break caliper in places.
(Refer to PICs below for bolt locations)
488589f91057128d996efda74ca38dd7  Rear Brake Pads(xrs)
Note, they are the two bolts with the rubber boots.
32d71a1b958412db5bb9d4e71a98c4ec  Rear Brake Pads(xrs)
fe631b2d26723faf33fc4efbaf58371b  Rear Brake Pads(xrs)
Use your Ratchet with a 14mm socket to remove the two bolts.
(lefty loosey, righty tighty) or (counterclockwise=Loose/clockwise=Tighten)
aaec86b4e574a7e370b24970befc3a6e  Rear Brake Pads(xrs)
626ab61f60be5bf2e04cbfae8feac48f  Rear Brake Pads(xrs)

After the bolts have been removed you can just take the break caliper off(sorry dont know why i forgot to take a pic of that)

Next are the break pads and springs/bars holding them in…
Start by removing the springs showen in the Pic below.
b0a16e7a7e75a73aad4476b68b5a4f35  Rear Brake Pads(xrs)
There are 3 springs in all for each side.
  • 1 long spring holding the bars in
  • 2 short springs holding the break pads against the caliper.
To remove: 1 Long spring
Push/pull up the 1 long spring out of the holes in the bars with a screwdriver. (careful to not lose the spring)
f61045a070c06b748ff38361bbf21645  Rear Brake Pads(xrs)
To remove: 2 short springs
Use screwdrive to push springs inward. (Careful not to lose springs)
30278a79c0262bdf3b3113ec1b13f53b  Rear Brake Pads(xrs)
0117e7ef692a0afbf765a0e618fd2145  Rear Brake Pads(xrs)

!!!Use finger to keep spings from flying away and taking your eye out!!!

a697e017b9fa84abc2a455e8abd35401  Rear Brake Pads(xrs)

Now pull out the bars holding the brake pads in place and take out the old brake pads.

b909fd71fd441176e8db95e4d7e3a624  Rear Brake Pads(xrs)

Next you will need to compress the caliper piston in order to make room for the new brake pads
Use the C-Clamp for this.
Place the top of the C-Clamp onto the Piston and the bottom end of the C-Clamp on the backside of the Brake Caliper as shown below.
878f16456a764ae9e101d9bedbc29e59  Rear Brake Pads(xrs)
Now samply turn the Screw on the C-Clamp in order to push the piston in.
***Be vary Carefull to evenly push the piston in or it could get stuck and you will have to take the Caliper apart. This is something you dont want to do.****
Once done it should look like this….
80ba72a1c3423bc6784f3c07488126a0  Rear Brake Pads(xrs)

2170f7bef0aeaacf6d697517de592f61  Rear Brake Pads(xrs)

These can be pushed in and out. Reason i’m putting this out there is due to the fact that they sometimes get in way when putting the Caliper back on the disc.
AT this point you can now place the new break pads in and put the springs back as before.
Put the Caliper back onto the disc and insert the bolts back into place
(shorter bolt on bottom, longer bolt on top)
last but not least. Bleed the brakes. Some dont feel that you need to and some do. As for me, I perfer to.
Now put the wheels back on and drop the car back down.
Take the car for a test drive. Take the car up to a vary low speed and make sure the brakes are working properly. Do this a few times. Each time taking the speed up.