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Is your serpentine belt squealing like a mofo? Try replacing it using this 20 minute DIY.

Parts required:
- Replacement serpentine belt for 1ZZFE engine with air conditioner, e.g.:
—– Goodyear Gatorback 4060740 – recommended, available at AutoZone for $31.99
—– Dayco Poly Cog 5060740 – not recommended, made a whistling sound. Available at Advance Auto Parts for $35.48.
—– Toyota OEM – not recommended. It’s crap and that’s why you’re replacing it! Also why I wouldn’t bother bringing it in for warranty service, because they’ll use an OEM belt and it won’t be long before it’s squealing again.
- 10 mm and 19 mm socket wrenches with breaker bar

1. [Optional] Remove the plastic engine cover–there are two 10 mm nuts and pry the two clips at the rear off

2. Locate the belt tensioner on the passenger side of the engine. Note the fake nut that you use to release the tension on the belt

3. Use a 19 mm wrench on the fake nut and pull towards the front of the car to release the tension. You can use a long pipe over the wrench to increase your leverage

4. At the same time, take the belt off the pulleys

5. Route the new belt around the pulleys

- The ribbed side of the belt goes on all the pulleys except for the tensioner and water pump which use the flat side
- Make sure the ribs sit in the pulley grooves correctly
- I started with the power steering pulley, then the tensioner, crank, A/C, water pump, and left the alternator pulley till last

6. Release the tensioner again and put the belt on the last pulley at the same time

7. Get under the car and make sure the belt is sitting on the pulleys correctly
d7901d84c625043a54b69d213fa94719  Squeaky serpentine belt replacement