Timing Chain tensioner Install

Tools needed:
37b44525ddce41a1108d9f531aa0182e  Timing Chain tensioner Install
tensioner should look like this when ready to go in (the side with the clip faces the belts)
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Area to disect
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pull that wire off for room and use a 10mm socket on a 3/8 ratchet on the two bolts in the back of the tensioner. after that use a flathead screwdriver and try to pry the tensioner out. for me it came part way and i had to use a hammer with the screwdriver as a punch to get it all the way out.

install the new tensioner as mentioned (clip on belt side of engine.) with a little bit of effort it should go in. put the two bolts back in and put the wire back on. NOTE: AFTER THAT IS DONE USE A 10MM WRENCH ON THE ALTERNATOR AND TURN THE ENGINE COUNTERCLOCKWISE. IF EVERYTHING IS DONE CORRECTLY THE TENSIONER SHOULD POP OUT IN THE ENGINE AND YOUR’RE GOOD TO GO. i suggest checking your oil before you start your engine. i lost a fair amount. hope it helps anyone.


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