Tinting Foglight

OK since I’ve tinted my foglights, i would like to show you guys how its done. NO its not just spray and install. but here it is:

Short Version

Take off bumper:
(myhotxrs taking off his bumper)
5048c0f96ba7136dd05841db8b9d572e  Tinting Foglight

Once the bumper is off, (for 05 and up) take off the bumper kits:

there are a screws, clip locks and clips.:
6a1e48003ed16b30d772aefd8baa390a  Tinting Foglight
9a57f6851a415b425df6b8b6121c3584  Tinting Foglight
ffed723265021e593fdb70fc4c36e47b  Tinting Foglight

After locating the clips and stuff, pop the kit off:
37c3de37289506d9aa06a3cd80ab2a26  Tinting Foglight
1adabeccfb0702420d54a5cf6a113f04  Tinting Foglight

So the bumper should look like an 05 LE after the kit is off:

8295484662207c7efcfc168766f618df  Tinting Foglight

Once the kits are off, locate the foglight mount. Once located, there is a screw that holds the foglight in place. Undo the screw but do not remove it completly, but as long as the foglight is removable. :

08a571158321abf552e3c19bd7f667d1  Tinting Foglight
9bfe11444262015e5a6e7d3d747b30b2  Tinting Foglight
209d68ec27cf621efebe14d34ad04d91  Tinting Foglight
Wet Sanding
The Foglight is off. then Grab a 600Grit Sandpaper ( make sure its a wet or dry sand paper)
e68f08883a55790699e12b103d4fa3a9  Tinting Foglight

Dip it in Water, soaking the sand paper:
b2f62ff7b194442586387f7c830b1b69  Tinting Foglight

Once the sand paper is really soaked and wet, sand the lens of the foglight creating grit for the paint to stick on like so:
6f4354dfc2defdd613f3df0e1855e5ec  Tinting Foglight
and it should look like this when its dry:
d83a08f73f04986b35751fbcc544923a  Tinting Foglight


Set the foglight on a suface to paint on. make sure its stable and wont move.

after the foglight is dry and clean, spray a first thin layer ( a quick controlled sweep with the paint):
6b2e4b73b1688ec1af166f1c92b4e4c1  Tinting Foglight

After the first later, let it settle for 5-10 seconds , then continue with the second coat:
febf33eeac54a2698d76750b3fe8561d  Tinting Foglight

Once the Second coat is on, give it 2-3 seconds, then proceed with the third or final coat.

PS: when spraying, make sure the painted areas are even with coats and follow the curviture of the object during painting.

d4039b15b92c8a02ab624028c91776c3  Tinting Foglight

Once the Final Coat is on, let it dry. ( depending on the weather, if its above 60 degrees, it will dry faster than cold. So leave it alone for about 1-2 hours depending on Temperature)

Drying and install

After hours of drying, before installation, use the back of your hand or finger and do a light sweep with it to identify if the object is dry. If it is dry, it should feel smooth and no sticking.

Then, install the Foglight on the bumper doing the backtracking method:
b09e05e20244b24876fff10484e75975  Tinting Foglight
dc296331b522b20569512af0ca9c0de4  Tinting Foglight

a8ca09d99d5fbff9ea8bc3afeb903240  Tinting Foglight
Put back the bumper on the car
544fdff0bd7a472ee2ad26e9245ebe74  Tinting Foglight
a5104b1b52d738821f9227b503006cc5  Tinting Foglight
4a74b9f38b4043fa14504a0660f21dde  Tinting Foglight

Oh and this is what is used:
d97c3dc025b07f526b754b2ac669e614  Tinting Foglight

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