Tools needed for lowering springs

I thought a nice list of all the tools needed for replacing springs would be helpful. This is everything needed to do the job. Where the tools are used…… you’ll figure it out.

TRD instructions are accurate.

Blankets (to protect vehicle)
Masking tape (to mark wiper blade locations)
2 Jackstands
Hydraulic floor jack (or jack from car, but not fun)
Torque wrench 1/2″ drive (minimum 200 ft lb range, 250 ft lb preferable)
Spring compressors (do not use Harbor freight, they’re dangerous)
Impact gun (or you’ll be cranking down the spring compressors by hand)
Small flat blade screw driver
3/8″ drive ratchet
1/2″ drive ratchet
3/8″ extension
1/2″ extension
3/8″ to 1/2″ socket adapter
17mm box wrench
6mm hex wrench 3/8 drive
10mm 6 point 3/8 drive socket
14mm 6 point 3/8 drive socket
19mm 6 point 1/2 drive socket
21mm 6 point 3/8″ drive impact socket recommended (for lug nuts)
22mm 6 point 1/2″ drive impact socket necessary (for lower strut bolts)

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