TRD Rear Member Brace Install

I take no responsibility in how you proceed with the following information, however if you want to get a rough idea of what needs to be done follow ahead this is not complete because I kind of rushed through the install but will give you a better idea of what will need to be done, I have also scanned and created a PDF of the install manual so you will get an idea of what you have gotten yourself into… Happy Installing! And enjoy those 90 mph turns suspension enthusiasts

Installation directions are really all you need but some pointers are…

1) Follow torque spec if you want but I snapped 2 bolts and stopped following torque spec because of consecutively snapping bolts…
2) To make things easier what I did before the install… I jacked the car up from the front pinch weld why? To put the jack stands below the rear weld… whilst doing this be sure to either put some ply wood or brick in front of the two wheels to avoid movement in the car while working

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Now you’re probably wonder WTF exhaust pipe? The only reason is my JP midpipe sat low and according to another user on here had an issue with stock exhaust more or less you’ll be pushing the exhaust up and letting it rest on the member brace so I figured I’d put some wrap on top to avoid damage and you’ll notice it because you’ll physically be pushing the midpipe up so that it’s sitting on top of the member brace… and when you have the car on low rev’s your whole body will be reverbrating to the tone of the exhaust…
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Now this picture below you may find that your car has so much of that insulation not really sure what it is… the little nub that sits inside of that hole may be filled with the insulation… so what I did was whack at it a few times with a rubber mallet, and then on one side I actually used some cloth to put on top of the jack and jacked it up a bit on the brace to kinda force it into the hole…
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Why you should upgrade your exhaust hangars? Well… simply cause you don’t want to rattle your bones to death and have the death metal clank pissing off cops / neighbors… I personally only think you need two because now I have awkward sounds now in the rear after swapping them out…
the two in the front make the most difference the rear two I think I may even swap back to stock because as you can plainly see the two in the rear are a lot thicker in width, where did I get the hangars from?…y_class=KB-011

Got the standard length suby ones..

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