Turn your stock intake into CAI/partial ram air DIY

what my setup was, k&n with cold air feed.

my aftermarket tube(you can use stock tube it comes with)
this is the part that actually requires something aftermarket, you need a hose clamp after you pull out the wierd tube thingy you’ll need a flat head to seperate the plastic part from the spongy tube.(its glued)

tube down the hole. you’ll want to remove the white plastic silencer(it doesnt really silence much.)

this is the piece that does it all, its attached to the spongey hose.

this is the screw underneath the driver side fog light, this is the screw that will be holding the previous tube in place.

this is how the tube will look when attached underneath, screwed in by the stock screw shown.

this is where it somewhat gets rammed air(i moved the little plastic piece to kinda deflect air sideways into it, theres two of them, one on each side, and they’re normally straight, they dont break if you move them left or right, and it serves as a directional wall.

heres the new weapon r intake and supplied hose.

heres the tube attached to the air tube i pictured earlier.

heres the tube attached and pointed straight towards the grille, and sucking in lots of nice cold air

my finished masterpiece

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