Valve Cover Painting

its aluminum so make sure you buy the proper heat paint and clean it really well.
Tools youll need:
-10mm socket (only for one bolt)
-12mm socket
-Wire brush
-Prime paint (for metal)
-Prime coat wet sand paper
-Color paint (at least 500 degree resisting)
-Color coat wet sand paper

First we must remove the distributors and bolts around them

now we have 4 bolts in the center of the cover to remove.
88bb62b914674b0924bf23b6464ee6d6  Valve Cover Painting

we have two directly in the front, one off to the drivers side at the corner. the bolt that seems higher off the engine is 10mm

another one on the far drivers side

two on the passengers side (make sure you get the one under the wire harness!!!)

three behind the block itself

dont forget the two hoses! (make sure u remember which hose goes where)

shot of the valves

now tape off the important areas. we stuffed paper towels down the valve holes. i suggest you do something similar to this

now make sure you degrease and rinse the cover. dry it off well

next were scraping off anything the degreaser didnt get, any rust or dirt. i suggest you use a wire brush instead of sand paper, were working with aluminum not wood.

it must be smoothe!

time for prime paint. make sure you wet sand down any imperfections. we used 3-4 coats with 15-30 minuites in between

now the final paint. we didnt need to wet sand much but there were a few imperfections. we used another 3-4 coats with 15-30 minuites in between

just let it dry another 45 min to an hour before putting it back on your engine and follow the steps in reverse to hook it back up and watch the corolla driver next to you quiver and shake at your beautiful painted engine valve cover!!


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