XRS Valve Cover Replacement/Lift Bolt Replacement

This is a DIY for changing the valve cover gasket/spark plug gaskets/lift bolts for your XRS. The pictures are not the best, but I did my best with what I had. If you are attempting this job you should understand the basics of your engine anyways and where certain bolts are around your valve cover.

What you need…
1. Valve Cover Gasket kit. Part #VS50546R (if you go to autozone, we are the type y engine).
Lift bolts (optional) ~$1 a piece at MWR website
3. 10/12 mm socket with a extension
4. Flathead Screwdriver
5. Hammer and some big sockets (pounding out old spark plug gaskets and in with the new gaskets).
6. Torque wrench with newton meters

Step 1
Remove the strut bar by using a 12mm socket; There are 6 bolts. Next, remove the bolts for the coil packs (4). After you remove the coil packs, there are going to be 2 bolts holding the bracket in place for the plug-in’s. On the outside of the valve cover, start loosening all the bolts that are holding the valve cover in place. I forgot how many there are, but they are very distinct. There are going to be 2 nuts holding that pipe onto the valve cover as well that need to be removed. After you have all these off, go ahead and try using your hands first and wiggle the cover lose starting with the back pulling up. If that does not work, use a rubber mallet or something.
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Step 2
Now that the cover is removed, I would personally inspect everything and make sure nothing is broke/worn more than normal. After doing so, I put paper towels over everything to keep dust, etc. out. There is going to be some silicone on each side of the timing chain where the gasket met the block. Remove that as you will be putting new stuff in when reassembling. Remove the lift bolts if you are doing this step. The torque for the bolts is 7.5nm. I checked mine before I removed them and they were roughly around 8.5. I torqued mine to that as 7.5 was not that tight.
c87fdd429d0dafcaa48580edc6a3b98c  XRS Valve Cover Replacement/Lift Bolt Replacement
Step 3
The next step is going to be removing the spark plug gaskets. This can be tricky at first, but I found a very easy way around what I show here (classic way). You have to bend the metal tabs over so you can get the gaskets out. Do not forget that step otherwise it will create a problem in the end. At first I used a socket and pounded down into the gap. The socket just went through the gasket and didn’t really budge it. I then used a screwdriver and punctured the gasket from the top of the valve cover and removed the rubber center of it. After that, I used the screw driver and flipped the valve cover over. Using leverage with the flathead screwdriver they popped right out (be careful as this is your valve cover and every nick scratch matters.
1e939fd1caee0c42b7845dfa6a099f53  XRS Valve Cover Replacement/Lift Bolt Replacement

Step 4
After cleaning the valve cover and removing the gaskets, it is time to install the new gaskets you got in your kit. Looking at them, it is very easy to tell which end goes where. Using a larger socket and a hammer, you will basically just pound the new ones in nice and easy so you don’t mess anything up. This is a very easy step as long as you have the large socket that is about the size of the gasket (maybe a litter bigger even). Pound it flush. After you get each gasket in, you can bend the tabs back over again. In this same step you will insert the new gasket. Again, make sure the slot is nice and cleaned out. Notice the before and after pics of the valve cover.
fd4d763c3ad809e9e78b59b3f12ae3f0  XRS Valve Cover Replacement/Lift Bolt Replacement

510a30078d46c21ef1b3b4cc6d217539  XRS Valve Cover Replacement/Lift Bolt Replacement

757ae61fe75411edbb9fcc827f0358f7  XRS Valve Cover Replacement/Lift Bolt Replacement
Step 5
This is where the project comes to an end and you start putting everything back together. What you need to do before putting the valve cover back on is to use some silicone gasket maker (dont matter name brand) and insert some in the same spot as you peeled it off prior. Again, make sure the surface of the block is nice and clean. I used a microfiber cloth, but anything similar works. Than put the cover back on and slowly tighten the bolts back on around the valve cover to ensure a nice tight fit (kinda similar to tightening a tire). Than you are all done.
e647c1774f4ba9b757b67eaa7dd01cb3  XRS Valve Cover Replacement/Lift Bolt Replacement

da30b836264451be06d5940be8d89a14  XRS Valve Cover Replacement/Lift Bolt Replacement

You are now done. Just make sure you connect the hoses and everything again. Put everything back together the same way you took it off. I would check the bolts after a few days of driving and just ensure they are still nice and tight. I hope you enjoy my DIY for the XRS valve cover/lift bolt replacement. I hope I could have been of some help.


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