Change 2zz Belt Tensioner Pulley

Squeaking noise coming from your engine compartment? Sounds like a someone dropped a bag of marbles in the valve cover…this post is for you. Do not attempt this unless you’re familiar with hand tools and have the equipment shown available. Difficulty on a 1-10 scale 10 being the most difficult I’d call it a 6.

I bought the GATES Part #38018 pulley from for $8.99 plus shipping a far cry from the $150.00 the dealer wanted for the whole assy.

1) Remove the engine cover
2) Remove nut that hold the a/c lines in place.
3) Pop the wiring harness loose from it’s holder over the belt.
4) Remove the belt by pulling down on the tensioner with a 19mm socket and breaker bar.
5) Take the 3) 14mm bolts out of the motor mount that hold it to the frame rail.

6) Jack the engine up until the bolt that holds the tensioner pulley on clears the fender apron.

7) Remove the 12mm nut that holds the upper part of the tensioner on, looks like a little shock absorber.

8) Remove the 17mm bolt that hold the tensioner assy onto the block.
9) Slide assy off the upper mount and remove from vehicle.
10) Put assy in vice, by now you should be scratching your head about the bolt that holds the pulley on the assy. WTF kind of socket do I need for that…I looked everywhere for that beast and settled on a pipe wrench that worked just fine, it didn’t even damage it.

11) Replace the pulley and put everything back together with blue Loctite, note the threaded inserts that hold the motor mount down are not welded on so be gentle when starting those bolts.
12) I’d recommend replacing the belt while you’re in there but getting the belt back on is a b@#$*, but keep trying you’ll get it.

Be careful where you jack up the engine, or you’ll be pulling th oil pan off like to me, to beat it back into shape. Try to get on the edge of the oil pan with a piece of wood on top of the jack.

Also there is a bushing where the tensioner pivots (the 17mm bolt) that should be taken apart and cleaned, I believe this was part of my problem. I will post pics of this soon.

Congratulations you just saved yourself $140.00 in parts and probably 2 hours of labor at the dealer.

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