Change An Oxygen Sensor In A Matrix

Well I’ve been having a CEL for some time now… And today I finally got a brand new oxygen sensor from Toyota. It was a really easy install, about 5 minutes I would say.

The victim…

First jack up your car

Then disconnect your Battery

On the passenger side… flip over the mat, right under the shifter/center console you should see this

and disconnect it

while you are up there just go ahead and push the rubber molding down so it can be easier to pull from underneath.

Now comes the dirty part… get underneath your car and carfully unscrew the old sensor

and this is what that old/damaged sucker should look like when compared with the new one

new sensor

remember to remove the clear plastic protector and carefully screw the new sensor back on. It should come with some grease or some anti-metal lock grease.

Make sure it’s really tight… and make sure you correctly insert the rubber protector/molding back in the hole under the passengers side mat.

Connect it

and put the mat back together just like it was…

Re- connect your battery and turn on your car

Check for any leaks

Lower it and run it around your neighborhood for about 5 minutes to check if any CEL pops back on

after it passes that test… Connect a code reader to check your results…

and your DONE!!! biggrin.gif

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