Disable Seatbelt Beep

This may only apply to 05+, as I believe they have a much more aggrivating and longer warning chime for the driver and passenger seatbelts

1. turn the key to the ON position, foot off the brake
2. cycle the odometer with the trip reset button until the ODO is displayed (not trip A or B )
3. turn the ignition to the LOCK (OFF) position
4. unbuckle the driver’s seatbelt if it was buckled.
5. turn the key to the ON position. when the dash lights have come on, press and hold the trip reset button and count a slow 12 seconds.
6. while still holding the trip reset button, buckle the driver’s side seatbelt.
7. the odometer display should read “b ON” or “b OFF”. toggle the beep OFF with the trip reset.
8. the process should be completed when you unbuckle or turn the key off.

it took me several tries to get it to work, but its good to go now! apparently this method was derived from the Prius reverse beep disable. I haven’t been able to figure out that one yet. if y’all know anything, let me know please.

BTW: I shouldn’t need to extol the virtues of seatbelt wearing. If you die or get a black eye from an airbag that deployed when you weren’t buckled, don’t blame me. Blame your mother who didn’t raise you right.

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