DRL disable switch

I installed a switch today to control the DRL’s completely. You can turn them on and off while you’re driving or any other time. I installed a switch on the red w/ white stripe wire at pin #12 on the DRL module. Unlike the yellow wire mod, this mod doesn’t require you to ground the wire, you just clip the wire and install a switch. Its a very simple mod, but its somewhat of a pain in the a** working under the steering wheel.

How To:

Slide the DRL module to the left and off the mounting bracket (you may have to wiggle it a bit back and forth).

Push it up to the left so you’re looking at the harness from the top with the 2 big wires on the left hand side.

The wire you need to cut is the red/white wire at pin 12, the top left wire just to the right of those 2 big wires.

I just ran some lamp cord from an empy slot next to the coin holder below the mirror controls to this area, and connected it to the two ends of the clipped red/white wire. I taped the wire to the existing wires for a nice fit. (be careful, there is some tubing near the area that gets HOT, not sure what it is, but stay away from it.) It takes some time and patience working under there, but it is relatively simple. Good luck! smile.gif

Here’s the pdf files from Toyota…

Wiring schematic

Toyota Technical Service Bulletin

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