Fix Your Glovebox, That goofy little piston thingy on the right

On the right side of your glove box, is this little plastic piston that is supposed to gently lower the glove box when you open it, so you don’t pull a Mafia and whack your passenger in the knees when searching for your license and registration!

Unfortunately, the piston has a tendency to come loose inside the dash, because the plastic clip that the piston snaps on to is flimsy and wears out after a while. But you can fix it. Unscrew the piston from the glove box door. Take the glove box out by squeezing at the top while pulling it out. Check and change yer cabin air filter if you haven’t done it lately wink.gif Now with the glove box out of the way, we can see the source of our annoyance. Put the piston back on the clip, then put a screw with a washer right in the middle of the clip to make the piston isn’t going anywhere. I used a washer, too, for good measure.

Put the glove box back in and screw the piston back on the glove box.

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