How To Install Hid

(i had removed my headlights too to swap from x3’s to blacked stock ones….)
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first mark with a pencil where the hid’s are going to go (i put mine on the part that holds the bumper on)
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i used 2 screws to hold the hid ballast bracket on, so drill out the top and bottom holes….then affix the ballast bracket with a couple of screws and washers….
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generally the wiring for the hid’s and the ballast is pretty simple….but just follow the wiring instructions that are no doubt included in the hid kit…..

but generally the hid bulb will plug into the ballast and into the stock headlight plug (as that will act as the switch to turn the hid’s on and off)

one thing i learned the hard way though is to line up the wiring correctly for the plug from the stock headlight plug (the male end) to the hid plug (the female end)

make sure the red wires are on the same side…!!!
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so do the same for both sides, put your bumper back together and you should be all set!

***please note: my fogs are 9005 bulbs! ***

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