Install Lowering Springs

I picked up some lowering springs to day and put the in my matrx xrs, So I thought I would take some pics for thoes of you who havent tackled this task.

here is the factory wheel gap.

you have to remove the floor trim from the cargo area including the area at the front with the baby seat hold downs, there is 6 bolts with 12mm heads, and the whole issue just pulls out.

here is a shot of the two nuts that have to be removed to release the rear struts. there is a third bolt that is threaded up from the bottom and can be removed when the car is up in the air.

I used a 3/8 drive rachet with a short 14mm socket.

83153cf00faa2a6ca708fbfd789890d9  Install Lowering Springs
I used a 19mm socket to remove the lower strut mount on the rear, then a long extention with a 14mm flex socket to reach the one bolt left at the top. but be careful if you let the rear suspension hang it will pull on the abs wiring harness. you must sopport the rear wheels while the struts are removed. or disconnect the wiring.

fd0baed2a20b3dadd16c2ae521e8b367  Install Lowering Springs
43a7c5202398f1ba68f9b5781309d11c  Install Lowering Springs
then I popped the new springs on with the spring compressor. and reverse for installation.

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