Installation of an Injen Intake on an XRS

Before you start the engine, check all of the clamps, bolts and fittings to insure that they are tight. Start the engine and allow to idle for 15 minutes to reset the Air Flow Sensor.

1-Remove battery, by loosening the two 10mm nuts and taking the battery holddown
2-Remove battery terminals with 10mm wrench.
3-As shown battery has been removed.
4-Remove plastic battery tray.
5-Let the front VSV hang as it is not used with the CAI.
6-Remove front Vacuum Switching valve from top half of Air Box.
7-Unscrew Air Flow Sensor and move to safe place.
8-Remove rear VSV, by pushing the blue tab. Let it hang for now.
9-Remove rubber air flow tube from Air Box.
10-Unhook rubber air flow tube from throttle body.
11-Unhook 2nd Vacuum Switching Valve tube, will be used later.
12-Remove top of Air box.
13-Front Vacuum Switching Valve is no longer needed.
14-Remove lower air box housing.
15-Remove plastic air tube near the headlight area.
16-As shown plastic hold down for plastic air tube.
17-Pop-up center section of plastic hold down.
18-Install fuse box bracket to raise the fuse box so the CAI tube will fit under
19-Install bolt onto the top stud to raise the upper portion of the fuse box.
20-From underneath the car, push the CAI filter into the lower portion ofbumpr.
21-Install the CAI tube, be mindful of the wiring in this area.
22-Install vibra-mount with the 10mm bolts provided.
23-Install rubber sleeve onto throttle body, then onto the CAI tube. And tighten
24-Reinstall rear Vacuum Switching valve tube to the bottom of the CAI tube.
25-Reinstall air flow sensor into CAI tube.
26-Tie-strap rear VSV to one of the hoses in the back of the engine area.
27-(XRS only) Install 5mm Vacuum cap onto short tube in the throttle body.
28-Slip CAI filter onto the CAI tube.
29-Tighten filter clamp.
30-Reinstall battery tray.
31-Replace battery.
32-Reinstall battery hold down and reconnect battery.
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