Led Backlit Mirrors also 'How To Remove Side Mirrors'

Step 1:
Locate the plastic cover over the mirror bolts
(If you have the 6 speaker stereo this also covers
your tweeter). Remove this by pulling the top away
from the door, it will pull away and swing
downward. Simply pull up and away and the cover
will come off easily.

Step 2:
Remove the three nuts from around the speaker.
Be carefull and use the tips of your fingers to spin
them off. If your not used to doing this with your
finger tips, use a pair of needle-nose pliers. If
they do fall its a pain in the a** to retreive them by
pulling the door apart. Once they are removed the
mirror will pop free from the other side with a little

Step 3:
Pull the rubber gasket back, as well as plastic inner
frame, this will expose the area behind the mirror.
Feed your wires down between the exterior of the mirror and interior plastic peice. The wires will
appear behind the mirror. Use a small screw driver to fish out the wires from behind the mirror.
Simply attach your LEDS and tuck them away behind the mirror.

As for power and ground, that can easily be done a
variety of ways. I simply had mine wired into my
headlights using piggy-back connectors. Thats the
easy part to do, so I left that upto you to do how
you want them (headlights, turn signals, dome lights, switch on/off, etc).

These are from when I had done mine, I no longer
have them in there simply because I am gonna go
another route with the car. Let me know if this
helped you guys do your own. wink.gif

Pics of mine done:

bc416f98e2704353601d468f0f70866d  Led Backlit Mirrors also 'How To Remove Side Mirrors'

0cbbcab8537e4b297e32ab4a33cd481b  Led Backlit Mirrors also 'How To Remove Side Mirrors'

f61729208c3007c4954f96667e2fcdce  Led Backlit Mirrors also 'How To Remove Side Mirrors'

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