Magnaflow Cat-Back Exhaust Installation

Finally installed the Magnaflow Cat-Back Exhaust on my 2004 XR Auto tonight, took pictures along the way; I got it from for $322 shipped

Installation? Took less than 2 hours; that’s with 2 friends good with car tinkering, but don’t let that stop you. Make sure to have the metric socket set and a Sawzall with a short metal-cutting blade. Tough parts included:[list]Cutting the original exhaust wasn’t bad with 2 people – 1 cutting, 1 guiding. We used a Sawzall with a brand new metal-cutting short lenght blade, and it cut like butter. But it woulda been rough with 1 person and the wrong blade!

[*]Getting the OE parts off the rubber insulators was rough, until we used some WD40 to loosen things up.

[*]We had to pull the Magnaflow back towards the tail after our initial placement, as we were hitting the heat sheild by the rear axle. It was a bit tough; take the directions seriously when they say don’t tighten until everything is placed properly!

[*]Check to make sure that all the parts are included before you start! Mine was missing one of the 2 hex nuts for the swivel joint, so I called Magnaflow and they sent it out 3-day air

01: 2 main pieces, came in mega-huge box – check your parts list though

02: Stock exhaust from rear, note exhaust joint by axle

03: Stock Cat (left) and resonator (right) – rusty at 1950 miles, eh?

04: Sawzall with short metal-cutting blade, 1 person cuts & 1 person guides

05: Cut made at stock resonator; looks just like the instructions

06: Remaining stock exhaust from rear; note chassis brace moved aside

07: Placing new resonator section on; rocked back & forth; me on left

08: Resonator section on, but it’s crooked – fixed later on; chassis brace back on

09: Tightening nuts on ball swivel flange to connect 2 sections

10: What do I do with these leftovers?

11: Nice tip, low angle; note Bling factor

12: Even the resonator looks sweet

13: Another low angle shot, shows muffler and swivel joint

14: Pic from underneath facing rear

15: Standard pic from rear; nice tip, not too showy

>>>Click for WMA sound clip<<<

Sound? Suh-weet! I started her up and heard a little more low tone but no volume; pulled away and it sounded pretty good, keeping in mind I just installed my AEM CAI only 2 days ago. My 2 buddies were impressed with the sound; not being import fans overall, they agreed that it was better than they expected. They then recommended that I listen as one of them took the Trix for a spin, and I recorded it (Click for WMA clip); I was very impressed – nice agressive tone when punching it, not ricey at all. My recording is a bit weak, but ToneDaBass has some gread vid/sound clips posted; both of us have a CAI which affects the sound, but you should get an idea from these as to the sound.

Gains? Performance increase was my primary reason for the exhaust purchase, and my understanding is that the combo of CAI & Cat-Back Exhaust are a good affordable way to let the engine breathe in & out better. So when I first pulled down the block and opened it up a bit (couldn’t go all-out, residential area) I did immediately notice some extra HP above what the CAI gave me. Later when I got on the parkway and opened it up… WOW! I said aloud to myself “this is friggin great!” Now I’ve never driven a real sports car (keep in mind I’ve got the 1ZZ-FE XR), but I do tend to be conservative about percieved gains; That said – this is a definite improvement over stock!

Summary? The Magnaflow Cat-Back has a nice throaty tone, looks real classy, and added a noticable performance improvement. I’d highly recommend the combination of CAI and Cat-Back exhaust for anyone who wants a noticable HP improvement. Is Magnaflow better than the rest? I can’t say since I never even heard the others in person. But I’m certainly happy with mine :wink:

Link to Magnaflow instructions for XR model

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