Obx Silicone Radiator Hoses

Silicone radiator hose kit by OBX Racing (P/N 10366) available in red, blue & yellow. Vendor claims this hose kit fits all Matrix years & models. They fit perfect on my 04 XR – not sure about XRS. I got them on Ebay for $40 + shipping.

Tip #1: Remove radiator/electric fan assembly to make removal of lower radiator hose much easier. It’s really cramped down by the engine.

Tip #2: Use worm-style (screw-type) hose clamps with new hoses. The factory, band-style clamps are a huge pain in the arse to work with, even using special band-style hose clamp pliers. I struggled w/ these clamps and it probably added at least an hour to the install. Plus, I feel that OEM clamps lose some tension every time you loosen them, which might cause leaks.

Tip #3: To help prevent leakage w/ silicone hoses, position hose clamps right up against, not on, the outlet barb (the ridged hump) before tightening. This will prevent a pocket of coolant from collecting between the hose and outlet.

Here we go:
1) OBX silicone hoses compared to stock, Toyota Long Life Coolant, and band-style hose clamp pliers.

2) Allow engine to cool. Remove radiator cap and drain coolant into suitable catch container. Drain plug is located on driver-side, behind radiator, near the bottom. Just look down from where the battery is and you should see it. You should be able to loosen it with your hand. After coolant drains, hand-tighten drain plug.

3) To ease removal of upper radiator hose, remove engine cover. For 1ZZ-FE, remove 2 acorn nuts and use a flat-blade screwdriver to carefully pry 2 plastic clips. Be careful, as the plastic clips might “pop-up” and fall behind the engine. For 2ZZ-GE, 1 nut and 3 bolts hold down the engine cover.

4) Remove upper radiator hose. Use regular pliers or band-style hose clamp pliers to loosen clamps.

5) Using a 12 mm socket, remove 2 bolts and hold down brackets at top of radiator. Disconnect electric fan connector by pushing release pin into connector. Gently pry 2 cable tiedowns from fan shroud.

6) With lower hose still attached to radiator, lift passenger-side of radiator as high as it will go and then loosen lower hose clamp at radiator and detach hose. Remove radiator/electric fan assembly and set aside.

7) Note position of lower radiator hose (still attached to engine), especially the end that attaches to the radiator. Loosen clamp and remove lower hose from engine.

8) Attach new OBX hoses to engine and loosely fit clamps. Tighten only the clamp that attaches the lower hose to engine.

9) Place radiator/electric fan assembly in engine bay and attach lower hose to radiator by lifting passenger-side of radiator. Tighten clamp. Install 2 upper brackets and bolts and attach electric fan connector and 2 cable tie-downs.

10) Tighten upper hose clamps.

11) Attach engine cover.

12) Fill radiator w/ proper mixture of coolant. I used 50/50 mixture of recommended Toyota Long Life Coolant. It’s expensive @ $19/gallon! Start engine and allow coolant to cycle into engine. Top-off radiator and install radiator cap.

13) After first engine operating cycle, let engine cool, check for leaks, and recheck coolant level.

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