Oil Catch Can

Again, I wanted to install the oil catch can because of potential for oil puddling in the intake manifold and oil blow-by effects like fouled spark plugs, combustion chambers and intake valves. I bought my catch can from an eBay vendor (Zero Tek Motorsports) for $37. Much cheaper than paying $80-$100+ for a Cusco or Greddy catch can. Of course, you could always make your own, as explained in T&A’s how-to, but I thought $37 was a cheap price for a ready-made one. Plus, Zero Tek’s kit is very complete including bracket’s, hose, clamps, adapters, etc. Now, on to the pics…

Oil catch can purchased on eBay for $37.

Layout of oil catch can system.
667c404a494fb52587f8163d82acf7de  Oil Catch Can

Route one length of 9mm hose from the PCV valve to the inlet nipple of the catch can. DC header still looks like new after one year.
6bbb49cf17d7c448dbe4fc3ac19142e0  Oil Catch Can

Attach the supplied 15mm-to-9mm adapter to the nipple on the intake manifold and then attach another length of 9mm hose from the adapter to the outlet nipple of the catch can.
b27fa605db7fdec2b4a2c77df82819b1  Oil Catch Can

Find a suitable place for mounting the oil catch can. I decided to mount the catch can to the radiator shroud using the supplied bracket and fasteners.
ae86d505ac11a66994c2219c2e1acc57  Oil Catch Can

Finished install with engine cover in place.
576df1c34ba7f2a9cb0ea734ab4a1b7b  Oil Catch Can

UPDATE: After these pics were taken, I had to replace the blue plastic hose because they become soft when the engine warms up and then partially collapse from engine vacuum. I replaced it with 11/32″ and 19/32″ crankcase ventilation hose from the auto parts store…
6af52c1122274fe0f063465146cb62d7  Oil Catch Can

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