Install Rear Ats Spoiler, (or how to remove your rear spoiler)

1. Lift your hatch
2. Remove 4 nuts shown below and washer nozzle tube (I just cut mine and later used a joiner)
3. Remove 4 Flat head (hex key T-30) bolts

Raammat Installation, sound dampening

I got started right away, first removing all the plastic pieces out of the rear. the shouldnt be too hard to do. remove the silver brackets on the sides (4 each side) with a 10mm wrench and then yank. youll hear popping which is the white clips being popped out of the metal panneling. Remove the tub and your spare until you see bare metal. Clean the area with water and then dry.

Pcv, Iacv, Maf And Throttle Body Cleaning Guide

Warning: When you take off your throttle body, be sure not to twist the body around the throttle cable or let it hang somewhere by the throttle cable, otherwise when you put the TB back on, the throttle cable will be tight and your idle will be quite high.

This is for people with rough or erratic idling, also for most people having issues with stalling, it also wouldn’t hurt to spray down all electrical connectors while doing all of this work.

Oil Pressure/temp Instal 1zz

Note: These gauges are made by Autometer and deals specifically with instalation of that particular brand. Gauges of other brand might require different methods to instal properly. However, this guide should still come as a handy reference guide.

Electrical vs Mechanical, what’s the difference? It’s simple, really. A mechanical type uses a direct acting mechanism to send data to the gauge. In theory, this should provide 100% accuracy. An electrical type transforms the mechanical data to electrical data before sending to the gauge. Improperly calibrated readings of electrical signals increases the chance of false readings. This variable is not present in a mechanical guage. But, assuming the settings on an electrical gauge is spot on, it should have the accuracy of a mechanical gauge. I wouldn’t worry about deciding which is best as they are both proven to be dependable. The tach/speed meter and new drive-by-wire throtle bodies on the Celica are all electrical. If made correctly, it can be very accurate.