Raammat Installation, sound dampening

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I got started right away, first removing all the plastic pieces out of the rear. the shouldnt be too hard to do. remove the silver brackets on the sides (4 each side) with a 10mm wrench and then yank. youll hear popping which is the white clips being popped out of the metal panneling. Remove the tub and your spare until you see bare metal. Clean the area with water and then dry.

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I’m no expert on installing sound deadening material, but i found it much easier to cut them into long skinny strips. This made the job much easier to maintain straight lines, avoid too much overlapping yet still gave a decent amount of coverage.

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Oh btw, I used a razor knife/utility knife. Don’t use scissors. The gunk from the sticky side of the mat will leave you trying your hardest to just move the blades back and forth.

Apply the pieces to the inside part of the plastic panels as well.

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I used a rolling pin to smooth out areas that I know would not be as thorough by hand.

Put the pieces back and enjoy.

Next up was the rear hatch. No screws for this, just 100% clips

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When removing the hatch panel make sure you unhook the top portion (near your rear wiper blade cluster). This does NOT come off with the hatch panel, so unhook it as you remove it from the car.

Fill the area with your mat and ensolite (or whatev your padding is). Make sure you cut holes for easy access to your license plate bulbs

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The doors have two screws holding them.

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in the door cup handle, and a small panel behind the chrome handle on the inside door. Remove the tweater area by pushing forward to the edge of your door. (If you were sitting the drivers seat with the door closed, pull the tweater plastic towards you) .Hook your fingers along the bottom of the door (I found the best grip there) and start pulling. Remove the plastic covers off the doors.

Remove the cluster by using a small screwdriver to push the pin in. I decided to skip this step, and just slid the door instrument panel out of the brackets.

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When putting your window back on, make sure you start by ‘hooking’ the door top area over the little lip of the door

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review: The response in the bass is amazing. No longer does it bounce around the car waiting to escape my windows. It’s tight and accurate, with zero rattling. On top of it, the sub can be turned down to 70%, and I achieve the same results as my bass cranked to full blast pre-dampening, as if it amplified the bass. Loving it.

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