Remove Factory Front Lip

Start by removing the 4 philips screws holding the flaps of the Two side lips

Next remove these famous clips that people love to describe but no one takes pics of. The clip directly under the covered vent is a metal clip that just pulls out.

Heres a closeup of a clip.

Remove these clips by pressing on the middle with your finger or scredriver,


then pull ont he flat end.

These are what they look like after you defeat them and remove them.

after removing all the white plastic clips, i think there are 5 or 6 on each lip not counting the middle lip. Remove the metal clip like this, push in the direction of the arrows

Once all clips are removed, pull in the direction of the arrows

Keep pulling, note the metal clip still hanging there in the kit, catch it from the inside, sometimes it comes out on the lip, sometimes it stays in the bumper.

Ahhh, one side removed,

These are the holes that are exposed. wanted to show this for those who keep asking the question “If i remove the kit, are the holes noticable.” To them I say “YES”

Note that I pulled the splash guard down to reach the end clips

Now remove the other side

MMMM CAI filter

Oh yea, you may have one of these clips on the bottom of each side lip. I lost both from scraping but u might be lucky. These are the 3rd type of clip that squeezes the bottom of the side lips and center lip to eachother and the top of the center lip. Simply put a screw driver under the metal as shown and push toward the rear of the car, they will come off.

Now on to the center lip, note the plastic clips and metal ones

Closeup of metal clips

Even more pics so u can get the entire idea.

Geeze thes can be tough sometimes.

Now once all the clips are removed pull in the direction of the arrows

Once removed, this is how it looks, there are a few holes here too.

Heres how it looks once side skirts and front lip removed.

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